August 02, 2006 | 12:55 p.m.
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I got a note from Reva and it occurred to me that I hadn't ever really shown Taterpuff, not a good shot anyway. So, here is one that I think is super cute.

Also, here are some other shots. Simply because I can, and I certainly don't want to talk about how stressed out I am with decisions I NEED to make NOW, and how I'm avoiding them, like I always do in my life. Why can't things be freaking easy and peaches and cream? Good HELL!!!

This is my other EQUALLY adorable niece Livy. I never talk about her 'cause she rudely lives in Utah, and I don't get to spend quality time with her. Everything Tater isn't, Livy IS! She's the ultimate pretty princess girl. I LOVE this pic, 'cause Jer was sooooo damn cute teaching her how to play Uno.

For the record, do NOT ever go and see "My Super-Ex Girlfriend", my WORD it was stupid. No truly, it was RETARDED! I don't know whatever posessed me to see such a thing, but I did, and I shant reccommend it to anyone.

A pic of Jer and I that I took holding my arm out. I think it's cute, so therefore I share. ::smiles::

So looking forward to my shows tonight..So You Think You Can Dance, and PROJECT RUNWAY! Good times, GOOD TIMES!!!

So, I've been feeling this immense sadness/guilt because I think I realllllly let a good friend of mine down. He's such a sweetheart, someone I love dearly, and he's always been so willing to help me out. Anyway, he asked Jer and I to be in a Cabaret that he was gonna put on, and I was always really hesitant about it. One because I really don't like the girl that he was doing it for, and two, I wasn't sure I had the time or "energy" to put into it, with it's short rehearsal and the fact that I'm back at school. Anyway, I never said NO completely, I just sort of hemmed and hawed, and then finally gave a very tentative yes. Well, after I did that, we found out that in the time that we were s'posed to be "rehearsing and performing" (one week) Jer had rehearsal eVERY night for his new show and I would be back at school everyday, and it just seemed like too much. It wasn't going to work out. So, Jer wrote him an e-mail and let him know we couldn't do it. Well, yesterday, Jer got an e-mail from the girl whose theatre it was gonna be at, and it simply stated that they were cancelling the show. I FEEL AWFUL! My friend was so excited to do it, it's something that he's wanted to do forever, he'd planned it, had the music, was thinking costumes, and I feel like we RUINED his little world. He hasn't called, or e-mailed and I just KNOW that he's VERY upset with us. I don't know what to say, or what to do. I HATE that I let him down. I hate to think of him being sad. UGH! But MOSTLY I hate feeling sad and guilty about it. Well frankly, I'm DONE with this whole depression thing, 'cause ummmm, IT SUCKS!!! I'm ready for happy feelings to return, like STAT!!!

In other news, I finally went back to the gym today. It felt good once I was there and once I was done. I'm not gonna lie, they moved to a new location and I HATE the new location. I find it dark and depressing, and just yucky. It makes me NOT want to go there, but I have a year membership, so I'm stuck. But, like I said, I do always feel better once I've actually done the exercise. Anywho, I guess that's it. I need to get to the grocery store, as we're seriously down to NOTHING here. No eggs, no bread, no milk, no nothing.

Peace out!!

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