August 04, 2006 | 7:53 a.m.
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So, I was home from the gym by 7:30 this morning. Been a LONG time since I've done that. But here's something interesting...I totally blacked out for a sec at the gym. It was NUTTY. It went a litte like this: I was talking along, stretching out after a good little workout, and then I went to stand up (I was laying on the floor doing a back stretch). I don't remember standing up, so clearly I did it in a rather quick fashion. Next thing I know, I'm going "oh,oh, oh" and falling over. Thankfully there were chairs right there and I fell into the chair. But seriously, I was so dizzy, and the room went black. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't full out faint, the world is dark kind of a blackout. It was short, very short, but it was WIERD! I just had to sit there for awhile to regain my composure. The poor lady I was talking to was all freaked out. She insisted that she buy me some water, which she did. So, I drank some and then headed for home. It's all good now, though I'm still a teeny bit shakey. What is UP with that? WIERD!

I got up this morning at like 6:20, got dressed in my gym clothes and then made jers lunch. See the thing is, if I don't get dressed immediately, I will never get dressed and then I will never go to the gym. It's a bit of a mind game. Anyway, I made him a lovely little lunch, sent him on his way to orientation and I went off to the gym.

Did I mention that Jer is gonna drive a school bus? Oh yes, 'tis true. He's not very pleased about it, but honestly, it's about the only thing that works sooo well with his schedule. Work a couple hours in the morning, go to school through the day, work a couple hours in the afternoon, all evenings free. He will be able to do all the stupid shows he wants. So, today was some really lame orientation from 7 - 4:00. Doesn't sound fun to me at all. Next week he gets to start driving the bus for training, then he has to go to the DMV and take his test. I can't WAIT to see him in a bus. hahahahahahaha I should get a pic of that someday and post it. Hee hee At least the busses have air conditioning now.

Well, I am now gonna show you some pics of my living room. Hope you can handle it. I enjoy my living room, well I enjoy my house. But, that is beside the point.

I'll admit, the lighting for the pics is not ideal. But, at least you get a little bit of an idea.

Peace out friends.

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