August 05, 2006 | 8:08 a.m.
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Last night we went to dinner with our delightful group of friends to say goodbye to one. Our dear friend Treg is off to New York to be in Phantom on Broadway. 10 years ago she was cast on the spot to be Madam Thenardie in Les Mis on Broadway. She went, was in the show, then they fired the whole cast, but didn't want to fire her, so they sent her on the road with the tour. She did that for awhile, then she got into Phantom. She's done that tour forever, on and off. She would quit, come back to AZ or stay in New York, and they'd always call and ask her to come back please. So, she did, like three times. Anyway, a year ago she bought a house here in AZ and said she was done with the tour for good. So cut to this summer, she's in UT at Sundance doing a workshop with big fat names in theatre like Judy Kuhn, Raul Esparza, etc. and then she gets a very random phonecall. The lady who has played Tregs tour part on Broadway for 17 years has quit and they want HER on Broadway. She was like, "um, HOW can I pass that up." So, she leaves in a week and will be gone, ummm, until indefinitely. It's fun, it's exciting. I told her that she needs to put on her bio that this is her TRIUMPHANT return to Broadway, hee hee. Anywho, she's great, our friends are great. It was a fun evening, speaking over the loud din of the restaraunt. Good food, good conversation, good laughs. Ah, I AM lucky.

In other news, the weight of the world has been lifted from my chest and sholders. I will fill you in on the details once I've taken care of an important detail. Suffice it to say, I'm "freer" than I have been in awhile. I'm feeling good.

Oh, another great thing, Treg had built up a voice studio, and she called me and asked if I'd take her students, since I was one of the only ones she trusted. That was very flattering. Also, exciting is, she charged quite a bit more than me (mostly because I'm a wuss and always feel bad raising my prices) so she told me I HAD to charge more. I'm not gonna charge as much as she did, but close. Let me tell you, that is a huge help to my bottom line. In fact, I've raised my prices all the way across, my old students that are still with me won't pay as much as my new ones from her, 'cause I can't do THAT big of a jump to them. I'll have to work that up gradually. So, things are looking up.

Today I've got to go to Costco and get the makings for a delicious salad that my other good friend (an amazing woman in the kitchen) always makes. My sis is having a shin dig at her house on Sunday after they bless the baby, so my assignment is this particular salad. I wish I could just make my macaroni salad, since I know how and it's fairly cheap. But no, that isn't my assignment. Oh well, it's all good.

I'm totally excited because I get to go to Utah with my sis in a few weeks. She's driving her son back up to college and I get to tag along. At that same time, my youngest sis will be going into the hospital to have her third kid. So, we'll get to be at her house helping with her other two kids, AND actually see her new baby. None of us have ever seen her children until they're usually 3 months old or so. PLUS, I get to visit my bestest friend in the whole wide world. I love a good summer visit to Utah.

Otay, with that said, the pictures of today shall be.......the bedroom. oooooooooh, ahhhhhhhhhhhh! It is a lovely room with it's ode to Paris theme. It's this way because Jer is obsessed with Paris. He's obsessed with it because his father that he's never known served there in the Army and brought back a couple of paintings that are hanging on our wall. Hence, Paris. Hope you enjoy.

That's all folks! Except, Reva, thanks for the note. Just a minor correction. The pic of Jer playing cards is with Livy, not Tater. I'm just sayin.

Oh, and please note the sad little gazelle exercise machine resting in the corner. It totally throws off my design asthetic, but there it is. Jer HAD to have it, HAD to buy it, 'cause he was gonna use it and exercise. I'm here to tell you, he's used it, oh, once, maybe twice. I've used it more than him. But mostly, there it sits. UGH!!

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