September 14, 2006 | 9:44 a.m.
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So basically, I'm just too lazy to add entries. Plus, I started to write in my paper journal again. Of course, I've fallen off that as well, 'cause that's what I'm good at....SLACKING!

Also, I just never seem to have any real time to get on here and write. I watch 2 babies, and one is usually asleep in here in the computer room, and if not asleep, then demanding my attention. Then, when they're gone, I'm teaching my nearly 30 students, and then I just want to eat and stare at the TV or something mindless. Not that I'm complaining, 'cause I'm really not. I feel VERY blessed to have so many students, AND to watch the babies. I am so freaking in love with Brooklyn (my sisters little girl) that I can barely stand it. Right now she's laying on the bed behind me chewing on a crayon box and just gurgling and "talking" to hear herself. She's too damn adorable for words. I need to get some pics so you can share the joy. I only watch Jayce (my other sisters baby boy) 2 1/2 days a week, and he's just a sweetheart. He sleeps 90% of the time, so it's not too difficult. It IS Brooklyns breakfast time, and I need to utilize her eating time to get my shower in. The only downside is, I never feel like I get much of anything accopmlished, 'cause it's all centered around naps and feeding. I never really leave the house, and that can get a little old. BUT, like I said, I love the babies, I'm grateful for the students and I'm most grateful for the income. Speaking of, Jer finally got a job, he's working on campus. It's only 20 hours a week, but it's certainly better than nothing. Plus, he's really building up his studio for acting coaching. So, we're making it, which is a good thing. Looks like we're gonna have to make some serious, crazy decisions pretty soon about where we'll be living, since stupid ASU doesn't offer a theatre education degree. So, I'm not sure WHAT we'll be doing.

In other news, my G'pa fell and broke his hip last Friday night and has been in the hospital. First they discovered that he's in HIDEOUS health (which we all knew) and had to have his arteries cleared out, since they were 95% blocked. THEN after 3 days they did the hip surgery. That was yesterday, I don't know how it went, though I'm assuming just fine, since I haven't heard anything. I feel kind of lame, but the truth is, I don't have a very close relationship with him. In fact, I don't have much of ANY relationship with him. He was always a distant G'pa, and unfortunately, when he got real old and WANTED to have relationships, it was awkward and a little too late. But, anyway, I do hope that he's ok and not in too much pain.

Well, Brooklyn successfully worked out a poop, so I'm off to change dipeys and feed her and shower!!

Peace out my friends.

By the way, how the crap did it get to be mid september already? I'm scared!

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