July 20, 2004 | 11:29 a.m.
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Ummm, I'm pretty sure I'm the lamest updater ever. Gahhhhhhhhhhh!

Well, I'll just be succint here...12 Princesses is over. The run went rather well, selling out the last weekend. People seemed to really love it. I had my chat with the writer, it went well. He was open to the constructive criticism and took it well. Jer is happy to be done with the show, and working studiously on his next one. Little Shop opens next weekend and he's soooo excited! I can't wait to see it, since he talks so happily about it all the time.

The last 2 weeks have found me happily hanging out with my sis. and her poo face of a daughter who will never let me touch her, smile at her or kiss her. Hanging out with the parentals, playing Boggle for hours, where I handily kick their asses. I love that I'm so brilliant at the Boggle, hahahaha. Jer won't play with us because it makes him feel dumb. He is so not dumb, but hey when you grow up your whole life playing Boggle and Scrabble, you're just bound to be better at it than someone who didn't grow up that way.

We've made progress on decorating Ports and Lanners apartment. However, it's not all that fun, because they're poor and she freaks out about spending any real money. But, we've got a good start and it's starting to feel a lot more homey. It's amazing to me how different their apartment and my apartment just feels. Mine is classic and a bit elegant, definietely more open, and there's really feels quaint. The good news is, out of this situation, my younger sis from Utah has decided the time has come for her house to get decorated. She has this beautiful home up there, and NO freaking wall decore. Nothing that makes it feel like a home instead of just a pretty house. So, I'm going up there for a week in August to decorate. I'm so excited. Ok, so she's the worlds biggest tight wad, so I told her I wouldn't come unless she was ready and willing to relinquish some cash for the project. She seems pretty willing, so onward we move. Yesterday we went to Target and picked up a few pictures. Her husband is a bit snobby about buying anything from Target, because he feels it's not unique enough. We just won't tell him where the pics came from. HA!

I'm feeling accomplished, I actually wrote three e-mails to three different friends that updated them on my life. Folks, that NEVER happens. I'm a hideous keeper upper with my friends. So, it feels good to have actually written them and received replies. ::pats herself on the back::

Went and saw Napoleon Dynamite. Totally wierd movie but I laughed my butt off. Here's the craziest part, I had no idea the movie was completely based on my sisters brother in law. Yeah, my Utah sis has quite the in law family. All boys, all extremely intelligent and constantly idea driven, EXCEPT the youngest brother. He was born with some wierd disease where half of his body develops faster than the other half, and he's not dumb, just entirely the most socially backwards, clueless person ever known. Well, one of the brothers was in film school with the writer/director and they were good friends. The director became fascinated with Ethan (the Napoleon character) and decided to write his whole movie based on Ethan. He even had Ethan audition for the part, but he couldn't play himself. Actually, he doesn't realize the movie is based on him. But seriously, you all that have seen the movie, that truly IS how Ethan talks, walks, acts, etc. He's even apparently REALLY good at dance dance revolution. So, we've had so much fun quoting the movie this week and laughing our butts off. Also, the brother, Kip, soooooo completely looks and acts like Lanners gay brother. I was DYING the whole time, DYING I tell you!

Ok, so my beloved Amazing Race has begun again, how happy am I? Well frankly, more happy than words can express. I truly hated the beeotch known as Allison and her stupid boyfriend Donny, sooooooooo happy they got booted. Now, I'm ready for the stupid brother team of constant complaints to get booted, then Mirna and Charla, because they're just annoying. I love the Dad and daughter and Chip and Kim. Is it just me or does Chip seem sort of spacey? If I were cool and could remember how to do links I'd link to Amazing Race, but it's been so long, I can't remember how to do it. Oh, so anyway, it's on tonight and I'm so excited to watch it.

There could be BIG news on the Jer horizon. He had an interview today for a job, and we'll find out later this week. I'll keep it in until then. Just know, I'd be soooooooo happy for him, because he'd rock at it, and I'd be sooooo happy for us, because we need the money so freaking bad! I told him if he gets the job, as soon as we pay off our furniture, he can look for a new car. AND, if he gets the job, we're going to New York in October again. Oh the fun things to look forward to.

Have I mentioned in here I'm s'posedly directing the show at the college this fall? Yeah, we're doing "Secret Garden" one of my all time faves and I'm directing. This is very scarey and very exciting to me. Should be QUITE an experience. I'm sure I'll be exhausted, freaking out etc. but it'll be such a good experience for me to have. I just don't know how I'm gonna work it out with my students. Speaking of, I really need to get my booty moving on writing up my new policy, welcome to voice lessons letter and getting it sent out.

Well, I'm off to make some sweet Moola with Uncle Rico!

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