November 15, 2003 | 12:32 p.m.
<- Ty's hot and so am I ->

It's Saturday afternoon, and I'm sitting in my sparkly clean house in my undies, and I don't feel bad about this. I cleaned yesterday, actually mopped the kitchen floor (my all time least favorite thing to do), 'cause I thought some friends might come over to see my house. But, they didn't come, and it's ok. I'm reaping the joyous benefits of enoying my sparkly clean house. I'm seriously a bit ocd about having a clean house, at the very least, it's completely orderly and put away at all times. I refuse to have things sitting on the counters or table. The pillows are always perfect on the couch, etc. Only the bedroom gets away with slovenliness. I don't make the bed everyday...too much effort.

Anywho, the air is turned off, all the windows are open, the sun is shining in, and I'm freezing. Hooray Arizona, the glorious months of chill have begun. I love this state, I truly do.

So, yesterday, I got to be a judge for a music theatre competition. It was soooo fun for me, and a total learning experience as well. I was there more for the acting/performance aspect and the other judge was there more for vocal critique, though we both did a bit of both. Anyway, I LOVED it, I totally want to be able to do that more. And, it looks like maybe I'll be able to. My co-judge is sort of in charge of the whole competition, and I told her I'd LOVE to help in any way possible next year. So, hooray me, I'm growing up. Next thing you know, I'll be on the board of something. Look out! HAHA!

So, Jer and I are s'posed to start housesitting tonight for his choir teacher. I hate housesitting, especially when I have such a great house of my own. But, they offered a little cashola, so I obliged. Money talks, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Got my hair colored and styled yesterday, I was oh so sassy. My sis-in-law does a fab job on me, which is great, since I only have to pay her half as much as my regular lady. AND, I get the added benefit of seeing my funny little fatty niece.

As anyone else as addicted to HGTV as I am? I'm seriously planning my life around it these days. I can't watch a movie with Jer, 'cause I might miss the end result of Designers Challenge. Good hell, I need an intervention. And seriously, TLC should be quaking in their boots, 'cause I just don't love them as much anymore. Well, ok I love Ty Pennington, I shall always love Ty and the hot piece of booty that he is. Speaking of, anyone see him and hotty Nate on Oprah the other day. YOW!

Went to the yummiest restaraunt last night. It was my friends 33rd birthday and she decided she was gonna organize her friends together so she'd have something to look forward to on this birthday. She's single, lives alone, awesome girl, just lonely. Anywhozy, we waited an HOUR and FORTY minutes to be seated at this place. One, it's super yummy, two, it's in downtown Scottsdale, so it's a trendy hotspot, and three, the place seats all of 20 people at at time. Seriously, it's so small. But, I'm not gonna lie, the food was oh so worth the wait! So, Oregano's folks, go to it, seek it out. Ok fine, you've all been for jillion times, I'm so behind the times, whatever. It's new to me dammit, and I want the world to enjoy it.

Well, that's all I gots to say.

Have a smurftastic day!

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