November 19, 2003 | 11:39 a.m.
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Number 1: I fixed the clock on the computer, all is well.

Number 2: The kids are on to me. I love kids, they're so freakin honest. A third grade boy was walking into class and he said, "what happened to your hair? It looks like some kids tore it apart?" I just laughed. I told the class I'd fill them in on my little secret. So I told them my story, and then these cute girls were like, "it doesn't matter, you still look pretty." Then the next class arrives and I was pissed at the last class because they are so bad all the time, and won't pay attention, so on top of looking like total CRAP, I looked sad/mad or whatever. Anyway, this girl comes walking up and she said, "you don't look so good today." I just have to laugh to myself, I mean really, it's not meant to be rude, it's just their honest gutt reactions. It also doesn't help that I'm suddenly freakin FIFTEEN again and my face is broken out with three stellar beauties of ZITS. Honestly, I'm 30 bleepity bleep years old, WHY am I still getting acne like a teenager. I must admit, these three are especially large and contemptuous, and they're handsomely placed on either side of my chin and one on my right cheek. Have I mentioned I can't wait to get home and shower and try and feel like a REAL person.

Did I ever mention the time that one of my kindee classes came, and as I'm standing in front of them, one cute little girl raises her hand and says, "didn't you just wear those clothes last week?" A kindergartner, remembering exactly what I'd worn. And she was right, one week to the day I'd worn that outfit. But hell, what's a fat girl to do, I only have so many clothes and outfits appropriate for the classroom. I'd come in my pj's if they'd let me, but for some reason they frown upon that.

Well, that's all I wanted to say. Just an update on the doggy look I'm sporting today. I have this tragic habit of, when I wake up, sometimes my hair is really passable, actually cute, but, as the minutes tick by, it just automatically gets flatter, flatter, greasier looking and plain out BAD looking. I'm to the plain out BAD looking, on top of the zits showing and the dead eye look due to the no eyeshadow. It's hard being a beauty queen, it really is.

Later gators.

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