November 10, 2003 | 12:29 p.m.
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Apparently in between kindergarten classes has become my best time to do a little update or two. Just had the kindee class from hell, next is the faboo class. I'm talking, this next class is 5 year olds who come in and are bugged if I don't tell them about the new composer of the month. They WANT to learn, and they REMEMBER. It's amazing to me how different children in the same age group can be.

In other news: NO SCHOOL tomorrow!!! how freaking great is that? I'm so overjoyed I can hardly stand it! I do however have to teach my voice lessons, which sucketh, but such is life.

In other, other news: I broke a personal world record this morning. I was up, showered, completely ready(sans the clothing) and having breakfast by 6:30 a.m. Furthermore, Jer ate breakfast with me. I know, I nearly fell off the chair when he meandered in and asked to join. I was AT school by 7:13 a.m., it was amazing. Why this early bird special you ask? Well, Mondays I always run on strictly adrenalin. I went to bed at 1:30, got up at 5:00, but I was on a mission. I HAD to get to school and get my new composer bulletain board put up, and my room arranged again. Then, I had to cover all my bulletain board stuff up, because we're playing "concentration" or "Music Memory" as I like to call it. They had to match pictures to the descriptive phrases. It's been going pretty darn well. I don't think they're remembering the info. as well, but we have three more weeks to drill it. Composer of choice? Aaron Copland, a brilliant composer, whose music has been used for many a commercial use. You may all recognize his work from the "Beef it's what's for dinner" ad campaign. AND, he wrote the song that we now use as the theme for the Olympics. Fun stuff huh? Yeah, as one of my 4th graders said when someone questioned why I knew something....."she's the music teacher, she knows EVERYTHING." I laughed rather heartily to myself on that one. If they only knew what a freakin dork I am. How I'm reading up on the internet on these guys, and learning it right along with them half the time. The beauty of being an adult.

Ok, so we had our fall festival this weekend, here at the ol' school. It went REALLY well, for being such a small school, and not having the wealthiest of student bodys. Well, we had a little talent show, except it wasn'ts o little. We had 26 "acts" if you could call it htat. It was pretty darn cute, kindergartners singing ABC song, or I'm a Little Teapot, kids doing lip syncs, etc. But, there were some really adorable things like this pair of 2nd graders, boy and girl, dressed like Alladin and Jasmyn and singing "A Whole New World." Excuse me, but it doesn't get more freakin adorable than that. They had actions and even looked into eachothers eyes and held hands at the end. I could hardly stand it. My point in this story is, some parent on the PAB got the brilliant idea that we should judge it and give prizes to 1st,2nd,3rd place. I was unaware of this until last second. So, we judged, and actually ended up giving a tie to each place, thus there were really six winners. However, it was AWFUL the utter sadness and disappointment on all the "non-winners" faces. I had a little kindergartner come up to me and say, "well, what bout me?" I explained that she was awesome, but we couldn't give prizes to EVERYONE. It simply didn't register, she just looked at me and said again "What bout me?" YUCK! The moral of the story is, there shall no more, ever be judging of talent shows.

No school tomorrow, have I mentioned?

Saturday night Jer had a "gig" (feel like SUCH a dork using that word) at a local dive. He's in a Jazz Ensemble, and once in awhile they go public with these little concerts. So, he's done three of these things, and I'm here to say, this was by FAR the best group of people. The ohter two shows I was pulling my face off, there were BAD people in his group. This time, all of them were talented, and it went by so fast. Unfortunately, this dive place holds all of 25 people comfortably, and yet they cram in 400. It's CRAZY and hot and crowded! Thankfully I had a seat, and it was right up front. Jer was awesome, as he always is. He was born to be a crooner/jazz singer. AND, the crowd EATS him up. He's the only one up there that totally connects to the crowd and draws them in. The rest, while singing pretty, just do that, no crowd interaction, just blankness. It's fun to be with the crowd-please. tee hee

Ok, I'm bored with myself and this entry.


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