November 24, 2006 | 7:20 a.m.
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Happy day after Thanksgiving to all!

Two months, wow, time has slipped past me at an alarming rate. But, from that last entry, you can see, there isn't much to report on around here. The babies are adorable and sweet, and I don't ever do much of anything to talk about.

In October we DID have a gig where 5 of us (including Jer and I) got hired to sing a bunch of Broadway tunes by Estee Lauder. It was random and totally fun, and we were a smash success. We sang IN the makeup department at the mall. It sounds so retarded, and yet, it really turned out to be cool. They invite all their best customers to come in, the people pay for this event, and then they get free stuff when they make purchases, hor dourves and drinks were passed around all night, and we were the live entertainment. We got paid well, it was fun and some exposure. In fact, they loved us all so much, they're having us back on Dec. 3rd for a Christmas themed evening. Good times.

Jer and I are thinking of audutioning for a show in Phoenix which sounds like it'll be a lot of fun. I'm finally ready to get out there and be seen again. 'Cause, I don't know if you're ready for this jelly, but I have now lost ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY SEVEN pounds. I know, it'd be so much cooler if I could say TWO HUNDRED, but I'm so freaking close and I've had to work HARD for these last 20 pounds. I have about fifty more to lose, however, my newly rebudding performance career and slimming waistline are gonna be put on a serious hold for the next nine months. Umm yeah, if you're picking up what I'm putting down....I'm making a HUGE announcement.

I'M PREGNANT! Me, Als, pregnant! It's all very surreal right now. Frankly, I'm probably really dumb for making any announcement, as I'm like 5 minutes along (ok month and 1/2) and alot can happen. But, since I'm not telling any "live" friends until at least Christmas, I HAD to tell someone!! Jer is so excited he can barely contain himself. I'm excited, and yet terrified on so many levels, and overwhelmed and HOLY SHIT! It's just so crazy. I mean, I had really resigned myself to the fact that I was NEVER getting pregnant in a "normal" way, due to my totally screwed up body and womanly parts. But, about 5 months ago, I started to have normal, regular periods for the first time in my life. So, 5 months in a row, I'm little miss polly period. After my period in October, Jer decides we should REALLY try to have a baby. So, I humored him, 'cause hey, why give up good sex? So, we asked around to all our fertile friends and family, when do people "try" to hav ea baby after a period. When is the proper time, what is ovulation. You know, important questions like that, 'cause heaven knows, I don't have a CLUE! So, we got our info and we went to work on it. I won't lie, some of the BEST "times" we've ever had! Anywhozle, this month the period times comes around and I didn't start. However, that is rather normal for me, so I'm not paying attention. Jer is hounding me every day, "are you pregnant?" "Have you started yet?" I was like, back the freak off, I'm NOT pregnant. I felt cramps, I got a little "pre" periodish, etc. So, on the 11th he forces me to take a test, and it was negative ('cause it was too soon apparently). Then he bugged me seriously every day asking if I'd started. So, yesterday morning, I was getting up to go hiking and he woke up and said, "I had ANOTHER dream that you were pregnant. Are you pregnant?" I was like NO! Then he said, "have you started yet?" NO, "do you have another test you can take?" NO (except secretly I did). So, I explained to him that I could NOT be pregnant because I've totally lost like 5 pounds in the last month, I'm NOT sick at all, and it just wasn't gonna happen. So, he went back to bed, and I went to the bathroom to take the secret test. I peed on the stick, set it on the counter and looked away. Literally a second later, I looked back over my shoulder and I was freaking seeing TWO lines! I looked away, hyperventilated a little, and said, "no, that can't be right, I don't see two lines." I looked back again, it was still there, and darker. I looked away again, I assessed what this could mean. I looked again, and then I sorta of freaked a bit. I got up, went and got Jer and brought him into the bathroom. I had him look at the test, and he goes, "oh, nooooooot pregnant" (in a sad little boy voice) and I went "uh NO, that means IS PREGNANT!" he started screaming and freaking out and I started crying. Could this be for real? I was like, I can't believe it, no literally, I can not believe that is true, I need more proof, I need another test, I need a doctor, something. Then I said, we can't tell anyone, not for a little while at least. But, my husband IS an overgrown manchild, and he wa slike, I HAVE to tell someone or I'll DIE!! So, I allowed him to tell tracer, since she was a safe secret keeper, AND she was on her way over to pick me up for the hike. Ok, so long story a little shorter, later in the afternoon, I went to the store and bought two more tests. I took one and it immediately went 2 lines bright pink. HOLY CRAP, this is for real. I mean, I guess I had just completely resigned myself in my heart and mind taht I was NEVER gonna be able to just pee on a stick and find out I was pregnant. I had been led to believe that getting pregnant for me was gonna take some serious medical intervention, and I didn't see how I was ever gonna get that, since we have no insurance. yeah, you read that right. Time to figure some serious shit out! Anyway, so you can see how trippy this all is. But, we're wusses and decided that we would at least tell my family, 'cause babies are born around there every other week, so they could handle it. They're all so excited for us. BUT, we're not telling Jers Mom and sister until Christmas, 'cause it's gonna be one kickass Christmas present for them. They seriously want a baby worse than we do. His Mom is gonna sob insanely when we tell her, and I'm excited to give her that surprise. I think we're gonna get a bracelet box and wrap the test up, and then give her a blanket or something that says something about Grandmas on it. It'll be grand. However, in the meantime, we have to figure out how the hell we're gonna pay for this baby and how we're gonna ever fit her (oh, it's a girl, we just know, haha) into this little house of ours. Time to do some major purging and throwing away and rearranging our lives. AAAACK!! I'm so scared! So, there you have it internet friends, my story.

In other news, I totally decorated for Christmas on Wed. night. Just have to put up the trees and wreaths and I'll be done. That is my plan for the day, finish up, clean the house, so it's sparkly and clean. I can't stand the clutter that is around right now. Also, my pal C is coming to visit and I'm excited to see him. And Jers sister is taking us to lunch at some Hawaiin grill.

Ok, so yeah, I think that is everything.

Dear Reva -

Your baby is ADORABLE! I never comment, but I do read your updates and see the pics and I'm so happy for you. I think you're doing remarkably well for being in a foreign country with a new baby and such. Good luck as you continue to figure it all out!

Dear Eden -

If you were in AZ this weekend and didn't call, I'm a little sad. The end!

Dear Danielle -

Boo hoo, when you go back to work, all the fun entries go away. Boo on work I say. hahaha

And that concludes my entry to my three readers. Well, there is that mystery girl who comments sometimes, but since I don't know who you are, I can't say anything. However, IF you ARE from AZ, please don't spread this news to anyone, since I want to be able to tell people myself. Thanks.

Much love peeps!!

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