December 02, 2003 | 9:30 a.m.
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Tried to add an entry the other night, it totally wouldn't let me on. PISSED me off! Ok, I'm over it.

I have a fully unfunctioning right nostril. I HATE having one side stuffed up, it drives me absolutely batty. I can't breathe, boo hoo hoo hoo hoo.

So, for the second night in a row, I woke up at 3:15 a.m. and find my husband still has never come to bed. He's at the computer chatting away, and writing journal entries. What the hell is up with that? I was like, "COME TO BED!" He told me not to tell him what to do. I simply meant, I wanted him in bed with ME! AND, he has school today, and I KNOW he's not gonna wanna drag his sorry ass out of bed to go. He gets so frustrated with me for "telling" him what to do, or asking if he's done this or that. I only do it, because I KNOW him so well, and I know his tendencies. Doesn't he realize I'm only helping him? Obviously not.

We discovered yesterday that we are indeed NOT gonna be in Chicago until Jan. 4th, but instead are coming home on the 2nd. I'm sooooooooo happy about this! I really wasn't looking forward to getting in late Sunday night, and then having to face all the students the next day. At least this way I'll have a couple of days to prep. Goodness knows I won't think about school even ONE time the whole break.

Ok, AT&T is harrassing me about a freakin bill I never owed them. We bought cell phones for like 2 minutes, returned them, were told all was well, and then the bills arrived. I called in June and took care of everything, but apparently they're still not satisfied. I called a couple of weeks ago, explained everything, the chick on the phone said she'd be glad to take care of it, however....their system was down, I'd have to call back. Well, ANYONE who knows me knows this...1) I'm a HUGE procrastinator, 2) I'm f'ing busy, so when I actually MAKE the time to call and they don't accomodate me then, well I'm screwed. Needless to say, got another letter from them yesterday, saying they're mad now. Well screw them, I'm madder! I WILL be making a call tonight, after work.

I couldn't go back to sleep after the aforementioned husband finding. Something was hurting in my upper back so bad, I could hardly stand it. So, Jer rubbed my back for awhile and tried to pop it. I laid on the floor for awhile and tried to get it to calm down. It seemed to do the trick, and finally at 4:30 a.m. I went back to sleep, knowing my alarm clock was going off at 5:10. Needless to say, I kept hitting snooze, and then rationalized how I was gonna get out of my first hour of teaching. I finally dragged my VERY tired booty out of bed at 6:20 and rushed the getting ready process. You'll all be glad to know, I did NOT miss my first class. I wanted to, I was tempted, but I thought better of it. I got here literally the minute they were due to arrive. I have no eyeshadow on, and my hair is iffy, but dangit, I made it!

So, my Thanksgiving was great, saw the family, had the stufffing, rolls and mashed potatoes, ate the pie, loved it all. When everyone else went out to the movies, and I had NO desire, I stayed home and watched my two cute nieces. I LOVE my nieces, they're freakin CUTE! And, drumm roll please, a 3rd niece was added to the fam just Sunday night. Yeppers, little Maya was born and she is A for adorable! How cute and trendy are my babies, we've got a Tatum, Olivia and Maya. Love it! Before them (all born in 2003) there was only one niece in all the fam, and the rest boys. Poor niece number one, she's 14, she never had girl cousins, or any cousins her age for that matter. My oldest sis got married and started popping out babies rather quickly, she had 5 kids before the second person in our family got married. After that we had wedding epidemics. In a 4 months span 3 bros and sis. got married. Then about 6 years later, in one year the other three of us got married. FUN!

Ok, I say there was only the one niece, and well, biologically that's true, but technically it isn't. See, we had a Navajo brother that came and lived with us from the time he was 8 until he was 23. For all intents and purposes he IS our brother, we don't consider him anything less. So, his wife and he had two daughters before he died. So, I do have those nieces, however, we don't EVER see them, they don't really know us, because his wife doesn't really talk to us. She has always been a little afraid of us, she's shy, we're loud, nutty people. It makes me really sad, but what can you do. Someday I'll write about my brother. He was a crazy, fun, wild guy. He had a heart of gold, was an amazing salesman, and everwhere he went, he had a million friends. He was 30 yrs. old when he left us. I miss him.

This is getting too long, I'll try to remember to write about him and other things later.

My back is HURTING! I think a rib is out, and my shoulder is jacked. Just a thought!


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