October 21, 2003 | 11:44 a.m.
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10 minutes before the evil known as Mrs. C's kindergarten class arrive for the 30 minutes of torture they inflict on me. Seriously, has anyone tried to keep a class of kindegartners, all with MAJOR ADHD, occupied and excited about music? OY!!! Anyway, this will be VERY fast. Just wanted to say, New York was fab, and the BEST part......

I MET CLAY AIKEN! Oh yeah, you read it right. I met Clay! I love this man, no truly, I DO!!! His new CD sort of sucketh, but that is NOT his fault. It's the bastards that run the music machine. They tried to take his glorious voice and cram it into a cookie cutter pop voice. it's just NOT working! let Clay be Clay. Let his vibrato and richness ring forth. But, i digress. He was sitting a few rows behind me at Hairspray on Thursday night. I refuse to be an obnoxious fan that falls all over someone simply because they're famous. So, I just walked over to him (only a minute or two before intermission was over) and said, "I will not be obnoxious...I just want to say, you're AMAZING, and, I love you." He smiled a big fabulous beautiful smile, dropped his head in an awe shucks sort of way, and thanked me. Then I was like, ok, gotta go. Of course, if I hadn't been so nervous, I would have talked to him about his cd, or about a million other things. But, the point here is, I met him, in close personal proximity. I spoke to him and he to me. My life is complete. Sigh.

I also met John Stamos, HOT! Mary Stuart Masterson, very shy and quiet. Delta Burke, very nice, but also a bit shy. Saw Scott Foley walk past me on the street and John Lithgow. It was a star filled week. Met Harvey Fierstein as well, he was nice, but reserved.

Ok, class is coming. More about the trip later.


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