November 04, 2003 | 9:47 a.m.
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Freakin November already....good hell! I just never seem to have the cool factor to write in here. I read all I want, but don't update. However, today I must write. The diary gods have smiled, I reached a new level of cool...a stranger put me on their favorites list. Mangus the cool has included me, no really, let's have a moment of silence please. This is a person who has 187 people listing him as one of their faves. This whole diaryland thing is funny. I think it becomes a popularity contest sometimes, and I'm the honorable mention person. hee hee, just kiddin. But, I am honored that Mangus included me, how fun. Speaking of fun, he's hilarious, you should give him a little read. Seeing as my life is filled with gay boy after gay boy, he fits right in. I could be Grace on Will and Grace, no I'm NOT kidding, I really could. Doubt me? Ask my family, ask my friends. Gay men are drawn to me like magnets! I walk into a resteraunt (don't know how to spell that word) if their is a gay waiter, he SHALL be mine. I love my gay friends, they bring laughter and hilarity to my life. What I think it is...I'm just a guy trapped in a girl body. And yet, I'm oh so girly. I'm an, Enigma. "An enigma? what's an enigma, oh that really makes me burn." Name that musical??

Ok, so far this is the most retarded entry, and makes no sense.

Moving on.

Halloween came and went, good! I really don't like that Holiday, I think it's stupid. And, I'm MUCH to self conscious to dress up in a costume and leave my house. Good thing Jer had a show that night, so I could go sit in the quiet safe confines of the theatre. However, I'm not gonna lie, his show, "Grease" sucked some serious booty! That night, after the show was his cast party. It registered somewhere on this side of lame. But, Jer decided to stay until 1 freakin 30 a.m. because they started playing improv games. Again, improv, like Halloween costume wearing in public, frightens me. So, I watched as he played. I gotta say, he's really good at it, he made me laugh. But soon enough, I got bored and headed downstairs to watch a little TLC trading spaces or whatever.

This morning I started teaching the 5th and 6th graders some of their Christmas songs for the program. True confessions time, it SUCKED! I SUCKED! I am SUCKING at drawing them in, getting them excited about singing and putting on a concert. I was stunned yesterday when I told them there would be a concert and they all threw a big FAT hissy fit. Informing me they were to old for such things, or just didn't want to. WHATEVER. I would have kileed for an opportunity to put on a Christmas concert in elementary school. But,if we did do a concert, it was some lame ass half hour in the cafeteria during the middle of the day. This is a for real, dress up, have it at an auditorium, affair. Whats a mattuh with kids today? Furthermore, this is an ARTS school, go figure.

I'm stressed. I think something is terribly amiss with my voice. Ever since the laryngitus fiasco, it has NOT recovered. I still can't sing in my higher register. I feel like I'm a freakin pre-pubescent 8th grader all over again. My throat hurts, I have constant pressure in my nose and throat. Hi, how can I effectively teach anything if I can't hit the freakin notes? UGH! The pressure of it all. I would go to the doctor, but since Jer LOST his freakin insurance, what can I do? Sometimes his company pisses me off. But, that's a whole other story I don't feel like going into.

Oh, so I went to bed at 9:30 last night. I really and truly believe that is some kind of world record for me. I haven't gone to bed that early since about 7th grade. I was just soooooooo exhausted, there was nothing that could keep me awake. However, as a strange consequence, I'm super tired today. It makes no sense. Jere didn't come to bed until sometime after 2:30 a.m. He was s'posedly working on his big english paper. But, something tells me he was a bit distracted by diaryland, web browsing, anything NSYNC, im'ing, etc.

Well, my back hurts and I need to go figure out this Christmas program, or, excuse me, this Winter program. SCREW THE POLITICALLY CORRECT of the world. You all piss me off!!!

Love to all

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