February 01, 2003 | 9:50 p.m.
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I feel tired!

The official review of my birthday: Not the greatest.

Not having the best actual birthday day was partially my fault. I mean, I'll accept a little blame for the staying up WAY to late playing with the scanner, creating a fotolog thing. But, the rest of the day didn't have to be so lame, did it? I woke up very early because I had my first ever doctors appointment in a year. I, of course was a little late, but no worries. I got there, got all my stuff filled out, insurance cards copied etc. Then, the nurse called my name...please let the dramatic music begin, as I made my way to meet her, the music swells as we head through the door and toward the.....GASP!......scale. Folks, my fatty arse hasn't seen a scale in well over a year. This was going to be a very dramatic reading, if you will. I did't disappoint, dramatic it was. Boy was that more than I ever wanted it to be. However, it was good to know, gives me some perspective and a nice kick in the can. Anywho, she took me back, the doc and I had a nice long chatsy about my troubles. He did not even so much as take a tongue depressor to me, no looking in my ear with the pointy light thing, no looking up my nose...NOTHING. Just listened to me, looked and felt a couple little lumps, ordered a blood test for my thyroid, gave me a prescription for the pill and ordered a ct scan for my sinuses. I got my blood taken and was on my way. I'm just giving him benefit of the doubt since my full physical is scheduled for a month from now.

Ok, so I left there, my friend Bambi took me to lunch which I might add was the ONLY nice, good thing about my day. I did have a short phonecall from the parentals in Honduras, and a couple of quick calls from other friends wishing me a happy day. But, WAIT, I FORGOT to say how the day started!!! HELL! I got up to get ready, and when I went to wake Jer up, he sang a little Happy Birthday, then for some reason something happened to cause some tension. Who knows. But, for the record, please take into consideration, no card, no nothing. Ok, so lunch with Bambi, it was delightful, she paid for it, I felt happy. After lunch I headed out to run some errands and get as many things accomplished as I could. Then at 3:30 I had to start teaching. At this point I could NOT keep my eyes open, I felt like crap, and I didn't want to be teaching. I cancelled a couple of lessons, and BARELY made it through the 4 I did teach (I'm using THAT term lightly). At 6:00 I was done, and then all the sudden my sister is coming over, 'cause she's meeting Jer for the Producers. Yeah, it's my freaking birthday and it doesn't matter. Jer would have gone to the Producers whether or not I even went. I have to admit THAT upset me. SO, I ended up going, we spent nearly 200 freaking dollars to go to a show I didn't care to go to, to get a t-shirt Jer HAD to have and a program I haven't even seen. This day was about him, NOT me, THUS making it a NOT so great birthday. And, once again, STILL NO CARD, NOTHING!

Review on The Producers: It's an ok musical, with some really funny parts. GREAT set, GREAT costumes, ok music. For anyone who actually had the privelage to see The Full Monty (which came out the same year and got COMPLETELY shafted at the Tonys) THAT was a much BETTER show. It actually had substance AND was hysterical, AND had great music. But, whatever, I'm not bitter.

So, Friday rolls around, AGAIN I'm up early, and I don't stop running until midnight. I was sooo exhausted, I let some comments by bambi (which I'm SURE she meant NOTHING by, but I was over sensitive) get to me, I cried like a freaking baby, all by myself in my bedroom and worried the entire rest of the day about having my party at her house and bothering her and putting her out. I spent WAY to much money and was just frazzled. I was going like crazy trying to have everything ready in time for party start time. Luckily, everyone was late, becaue I wasn't ready in time. I tried to have fun, clever things, but only half the people were interested. The food was good, can't complain about that. Then came time for bunko, one of the guests mysteriously disappeared, did not even bother to say goodbye to me, Bambi had NO desire to play and you could tell, people were confused, it felt like chaos. I just wanted to run away and cry. Anyway, FINALLY everyone understood what was s'posed to be happening, and we got the game under way. Thank goodness for Jer and for Auntie Nana (our funniest friend) because they had enough fun for all of us. Actually playing was fun, it gets really crazy and intense. Oh, I failed to mention that Eden came, and she looked smashingly lovely. I had not seen her since the remainder of her weight loss, and the shorter haircut (which I prefer on her). It was delightful to see her and a picture of the male box, he's a hottie. Thanks Eden for stopping by, playing a little bunko and not falling asleep on the table. : ) Back to the game, it ended well, people did have fun, the prizes were good. I just don't think I'm going to attempt anymore bunko birthdays. It's too hard to please all parties, and evidently I'm just WAY to uptight. Oh, AND I bumped into a dresser thing and broke an antique plate. It was really pretty, and didn't belong to Bambi, so I felt like Shiznit! So, there you have it, the eternally long version of my birthday.

On the upside, I got some very nice cards from people, a gift certificate to the music store, yea me, and this completely cool glass Eiffel Tower. Jer and I have a bedroom that is completely Parisian themed. It's quite beautiful if I do say so myself, black, white, sepia toned, old fashioned Parisian pictures, Eiffell tower lamps, clock, etc. When our room is clean and our bed is made, I find it such a place of serenity and beauty. Hmph, too bad that never happens. Would anyone agree that having an entire bed set, with all the pillows, throws, etc. is just a pain in the butt to keep made all the time. Always putting it all on, pulling it all off. It takes me forever to make it by myself, and we're never good at being together to get it made.

Well, as I was getting stuff out of the top of my closet, I came across this little jar that a friend had made for me. It's a "thought journal jar". Apparently all these strips of paper have little questions or thoughts that you can write about. Sooooo, I've decided to end each journal entry by answering one of those strips of paper. This should be fun, right? RIGHT!

I need to prepare my Primary lesson, what else is new? So, with no further ado, here is the thought for the day.

Who were some teachers or people at church that influenced you?

This answer goes out to all those teachers on d-land, though there are only 2 that I know look at my diary.

My 4th grade teacher by far was the MOST influential on me. She was the coolest, most compelling teacher and she made me feel special. Evidently I had a little negativity going on, so she named me her dill pickle. But, in so doing, she made me special, I LOVED her; I got to help her with classroom things. I helped change bulletain boards, I helped staple papers, etc. Consequently, she named a new dill pickel every year after. To this day I am the origianl dill pickle. I guess I had a dramatical streak running through clear back then. I ran into her on Thanksgiving, in the movie theatre, she knew exactly who I was and could name all my bros. and sisters. She was a BRILLIANT reader and story teller. We had reading every day in the back of the room, it was my favorite part of the school day. Her name was Mrs. Jarvis, and she was THE GREATEST!!! A very close 2nd was my second grade teacher Mrs. Schweikart, she really cared about me and I knew it. I still have a book and Christmas gift she gave me, lo those many years ago. She sent me a wedding gift, which was soo kind. Right now, I have a piano student, who has Mrs. Schweikart as a teacher, it's so crazy. In college, my GREATEST influence was SueAnne, she has taught me MORE about voice, musical theatre, performance, directing, etc. than she will ever know. I look up to her so much, and consider her my mentor. Don't know where I'd be without her guidance, and her belief in me and my talents. School teachers are the greatest, my mom and sisters are teachers, and they're awesome at it. I think teachers are completely OVERWORKED and underpaid. I certainly wish there was something I could do to help that situation.

Ok, thanks for bearing with me folks. This tome is officially over!


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