March 29, 2003 | 9:42 a.m.
<- A VERY overdue update ->

Greetings friends! It has indeed been AGES since I've updated of worth. As noted on my previous entry, I had written something long and lucious, only to have it ripped from me so mercilessly. I just haven't had the heart to catch up since then. However, it's Saturday morning, and I've been up since 7 freakin 30 a.m. for NO GOOD REASON. I just was done sleeping evidently. So, I came in and made a new schedule for my voice students, looked up all kinds of graphs and charts on my new computer, read e-mails and diaries and FINALLY I'm gonna write. This shall be a very condensed version of events but at least it'll be there for posterity sake.

First and foremost, on Feb. 28, 2003 my very cute little niece was born...sweet little Tatum. Actually she looks pissed all the time, but she's a funny baby. She weighed 7 lbs. 14 oz. and was 20 in. long. In one month she's gained 3 pounds, and let me say folks, 3 pounds on such a small child looks like 20. She is a giant chunk of fat goodness. It's fun having the baby around, especially when she's crying her gutts out for hours on end and I don't have to be the one taking care of her and losing sleep.

Next news, went to Colorado to visit my bestest friend in the world. I had the BEST time being there. She's lived there for 3 years, and had another child since I've seen her. So, it was fun to see her home, meet the new baby (year old now) and see her other kids. The weather was positively balmy the whole time I was there, in the 70's, which I couldn't complain about. We mostly just hung out, talked for hours on end, and I was reminded once again how much I love and miss her. When she moved, I cried for weeks and weeks. I literally could not drive anywhere near her neighborhood, or I'd start crying again. She thinks I'm so wierd because of that, but she took such a chunk of me with her. Now there is hope that they could be moving back to beautiful AZ. I'm crossing my fingers and all applicable body parts for this to take place. Needless to say, a good time had by all.

Next, last weekend, we had the great opportunity to go to New York. We flew in on Wed. afternoon, got settled into our hotel (The Sheraton Manhatten in Mid-town, VERY FUN). Then we met up with my friend the stage manager and went to dinner at this adorable Italian place. That night we went to see Urinetown, a musical I happen to adore. I saw it a year ago, and quite literally convulsed in laughter. I was so excited for Jer to see this show. Sadly, he had NOT slept a wink the night we left, spent a day on a plane and acclamating to a new city, so he could not stay awake during the show, and we were really far back, so he was having trouble hearing. Made me a little sad, but I'm over it. So, may I just insert here, the Sheraton has THE MOST comfortable bed I've EVER slept on. Well, in hotel terms for sure. It was amazing, and I was very sad that the nights weren't longer. Anyway, Thursday, while everyone in the group went off to a workshop, I stayed behind and slept a little more, watched the news, read the paper, and relaxed. I had a horrible cough during the trip, so I'd be up half the night coughing and gagging and such. I needed the extra time. Anywho, I met up with the group in time for an AMAZING tour of Radio City. Ok, I've been to New York many times, and I've never done that tour. May I suggest that ALL people visiting the city do that tour. That building is absolutely stunning and amazing in every way. After the tour we headed to lunch. Jer and I went on our own to the Edison Cafe, it was lovely. That evening we had the privelage to see Thoroughly Modern Millie. What an adorable, fun, fabulous show! I absolutely loved it, and Sutton Foster is too cute for words. Jer was quite inspired by the whole ordeal. It poured all day that day, and when we got out of the theater that night, it was no exception. We stood in the rain to meet Sutton and various cast members, and then headed back to the hotel. Of course we had to stop at our favorite little deli and have some cheesecake. YUM! The next day was another workshop, a mock audition workshop with a guy who has performed in many Broadway shows, tours, directed, casting director, writer, etc. The accompanist was the voice coach on Analyze That, among many other movies, and he's one of the sr. recruiters for Disney. So, I ended up singing for them, even though I was sick and hadn't sung for quite some time. It went well, they both liked me and complimented me on my talents. So, I was happy about that. After the workshop, Jer and I and another couple took off for a day on our own. We got a little lunch on 42nd street, then headed for the Subway ride to the Staten Island Ferry. I just always love to take the Staten Island Ferry, I guess because when I was little and we came as a family, we did that. Anywho, you get a great view of the statue of liberty, for free. So, we rode the ferry, then got back on the subway and headed up to Central Park. We had a nice little jaunt through the park and ended at Bethesda Fountain. I love that place in the park, it's so beautiful. I wish they could have seen it with the water on, but they don't run it in the winter. Anyway, the crazy opera singer in his own language, wearing loin cloth and head gear was there. Last year the documentary about him won an oscar. I was glad Jer got to see him and experience it, 'cause it's a trip. I was pretty tired by this time, and sweaty, I was ready to go back to the hotel. So, we caught a cab and headed back to the hotel. That night Jer and I went to see The Play What I Wrote. It's a hysterically funny play brought over from England. It's just non stop energy and silliness. Kenneth Branagh is the director, and my friend is the stage manager on the show, soooooo we got PHAT free tickets. Laurie Metcalf (Jackie on Roseanne) was sitting in front of us, and Mario Cantone (a comedian) was there too. Anyway, we LOVED the show, and the gimmick is that they have a mystery guest star every week. Well, our gueststar was Nathan Lane. Taht was a fun surprise, and fun to actually get to see him on stage. However, let me just say, he is a JERK! I have absolutely no repsect for him, after meeting him. Yeah, you read right. AFter the show, Steviee came and got us and took us on a backstage tour. We got to stand on the broadway stage and look out, it was very cool. Anyway, he took us up to their dressing room so we could meet Kenneth, he's all I cared about. Unfortunately, Nathan was still there, and I kid you not folks, he rolled his eyes when he saw us. I just wanted to spit on him. My thought was, HEY, we aren't obnoxious, we're not even here for you, so screw you. However, if it weren't for fans, you would have no freaking career, so get over your bad self and at least pretend to be gracious!! UGH! So, I was in front, and unfortunately Nathan was right in my path, so I HAD to shake his hand and pretend to be nice. He's a pig. But Kenneth on the other hand, YUM!!!! He was just so dang sexy, and gracious, and nice. He stood to greet us, shook our hand, chatted with us. I was in heaven, I'm not gonna lie to ya. The stars of the show were also very nice, and incredibly humble. So, that was a fun little night for us. Afterward, Steviee took Jer and I out for a little late night snacking. While in the deli, Jer saw Jessica Simpson and Nicolas Shea walk by. The next morning we were getting ready to head to the airport, and as Jer and I stepped outside the hotel, there was Harvey Fierstien, we said hi. So, all in all it was a rollicking good time! I do love the city, it's so fun to go and visit. I vow that the next time I go, I WILL do the NBC studio tour, I WILL go to Empire State and I'll go to the museum of TV arts and sciences.

Phew, this is a LONG entry.

I can't believe it's the end of March. Jer and I are s'posed to be moving to our apartment next week. However, I took him to see it yesterday, and he hated it. So, who knows, maybe he'll change his mind and we'll stay here for another year. Who knows.

Oh, HELLO! BIG news!!! We bought a car on Tuesday. We simply went out to look and test drive, and we bought one. It's a 2002 Hyundai Sonata, silver! I LOVE it!!! It's soo fun and sooooooo nice to finally have a car I'm not embarassed to be seen in. We got a pretty good deal, though we could have done better, and that irritates me.

Last night we sang in a Broadway Review, it was nice to be performing again. Although I'm still sick with allergy crap, so I could barely make it through my song without major cracking and hoarseness. I did make it through though, and people seemed to like it. Jer sang Bigger is Better from When Pigs Fly, it's a FUNNY song! He got great response, as he always does. He's a bit depressed right now, 'cause he didn't get a part in Forever Plaid, which is his dream show. I'm hoping he'll be able to rebound from this sadness and not drag around sadly for days. There will be other shows.

Anyway, this is so long, noone is gonna finish reading it, so I'm outy.

Later friends,


P.S. HUGE congrats to my darling Eden who is engaged! She's in full wedding mode, I love that!!!

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