February 14, 2004 | 9:21 a.m.
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HAPPY "LOVE" DAY! Ok, with that out of the way I may continue. Seriously, I think this is the LAMEST holiday known to man, well maybe a close tie with St. Patricks Day! But for real, what is the point of this stupid day, other than to remind single people they're alone, and to make couples buy stupid things that we don't need or want anyway. I believe I have previously stated in here, but if not, then it was in the entry that was lost the other day...anyway, I am a total holiday Scrooge! I just do not care about birthdays and holidays in the sense that I really DON'T need presents and hoopla. Because all i can think of in my mind is the money that is being spent, and how we don't have it. I would much rather just spend quality time with people I love, get a card and call it good. With that said, I WILL be heading over to Jers work today (yes he works all day) and hearting his car, 'cause I think that's fun. Then, I have a lovely card for him, and I'm pondering on a candlelit house and chilled Martinelli's and mood music when he gets home. Yeah, I'll be a good wife. TEE HEE The thing is I'm married to the man/boy who loves all things holiday. He seriously becomes 5 all over again when it comes to his birthday, Christmas, whatever. He wants presents and LOTS of 'em, he wants recognition and LOTS of it. It's actually kinda cute, but it'd be cuter if we had lots of money to spend. But, i digress.


Since we last met, my girl on American Idol didn't make it and scary creepy Fantasia girl did, BOO! Lanny was let go on the Bacherlorette, and Jesse the dumb weasle got fired on The Apprentice . I got semi-excited when for one brief moment I believed Omarosa the evilest of all B*&%$#@ was gonna get fired. LOVED when the Donald told her she was RUDE! Hopefully she gets her arse kicked out next time. Ok, with the update of reality done...oh ok, wait. I need to talk about Starting Over, because I watch it when I can, and I get so irritated. I know Weet really digs this show and loves PJ, but I'm not a fan of that girl. However, who I can't stand even more is Christine. All that woman does is cry and complain. They took her to get a makeover and she threatened physical violence to the guy if he cut her hair more than a nanosnip. Consequently, she didn't look AT ALL different. And, she's always fighting with Rain, and personally, I dig Rain, she's funny! So, a big BOO on Christine and PJ. Sorry Weet, it's just how it is.


ALRIGHTY then.....

Last night we had a family "How to Host a Murder" game, and it was good times. It was a Chicago Caper set in a 1928 speakeasy. I was Torchy the lounge singer. My sis in law hosted it, and she decorated the living room with all her lingerie, it was hilarious. We had a lot of fun, though it took awhile to play. Has anyone ever done that before? We were all in costume, and accents, and just silliness. I'm proud to report that me and my sis. in law were the only two who correctly guessed the murderer. YEA me and her!


In other news, my husband is off to Chicago next week to audition for Great America theme park. They have shows there during their season, and they expressed interest in him. So, I had to bite the big pride and fear bullet and say yes to charging a plane ticket, and the possibility of him leaving for six months to perform. It's REALLY hard for me to be with him on his chosen profession...acting. However, I DID marry him, and I KNEW going in this is what he wanted to do. It's what brings him any happiness and fulfillment, so I'm painfully and slowly working towards acceptance. If he makes it, he'd be gone from end of April thru October. I couldn't go out there until mid July, because of school and then the workshop I teach in all of June first part of July, THEN my parents get home after three years in Honduras. So, I'd go out and live with him from mid-July through August, and come back to start teaching again in September. It's so not a happy idea to me, in any shpae. I HATE the idea of him being away that long, and I don't relish the idea of leaving my house and living in his g'mas house for that long. It's BORING there and so uncomfortable. BUT, I guess ya gotta make sacrifices, right?


Today I'm going to princessreva's violin recital at ASU. I'm so excited to finally see her and get to hear her play. I'm s'posed to be getting the car washed and oiled and doing other errands too. But, I haven't felt like getting ready. I'm STILL coughing and now I've lost my voice, and I just don't feel all that great. Will I ever be healthy? That IS the question!!!


Well, I'm outy. My hands are blocks of ice and I can no longer feel them!


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