February 14, 2004 | 10:42 p.m.
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Dear Reva -

You were beautiful, you played beautifully, I'm in awe. I'm so glad I was able to attend your recital, and really sad I had to sneak out at the end and not get to say hello. I was running late for the rest of my day list. Just know, I was there, I was proud, and you were awesome! I was quite impressed that you had the Prokofiev totally memorized, because full memorization ALWAYS impresses me. I'm sure if I knew ANYTHING about playing violin, I would have been even more ridiculously impressed with the cool things you did. You truly made beautiful music! Oh, and you and I have a common friend....Lincoln. I saw him come in, 'cause I was amazing and EARLY even, he was very last second. Anyway, he was at my surprise party the other week, how fun that you know my friend Lincoln. Hooray. Anyway, just wanted to say congrats on being done with your final recital. Insert halleluia chorus here.


Dear Weet - You rock! Not only did you sign my guestbook, BUT you agree with me on the evilness that is Christine. Sister, she is NOT representin your state in a goodly fashion! I agree, Rain doesn't always handle conflict well, however, she reminds me SO much of my completely freaky sis in law on the husbands side, that it cracks me up. I LOVE it. Oh, and I also loved your entry about you and Esteban today, it was lovely.


Dear Diaryland -

Happy Valentines day!


So, today was pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. After a leisurely morning, a rerun of Clean Sweep and a very quick shower, I motored on over to Revas violin recital. I was uber impressed with myself, seeing as I wasn't just ON time, I was EARLY! ::racious cheering from the crowd:: Thank you, thank you!! I was duly impressed, as you may have noted from the afforementioned paragraph. As I was leaving the recital, I ran into two old friends that are STILL at ASU. It was good to see both of them. I have NOT stepped foot on that campus since I left. I just have no desire to ever be there. So, a brief visit with them and I was on my way. I had to drive to the far end of Egypt to leave a V-day card and heart my husbands car at work. Then I wound my way back home stopping at the store for some Martinellis, a little dessert and other items. Stopped by my brothers to pick up some champagne glasses, however they seem to be missing in action. I got home and began to clean up as fast as I could, but all to no avail. As I was throwing some dirty clothes in the closet, I heard the door begin to open. DUN DUN DUN (that's ominous music) it was my husband. He was home from work AN HOUR early. UGH! Foiled again! I had planned to have all the candles in the whole blasted house lit, mood music playing, martinellis chilling, dinner on the table and rose petals well you use your own imagination. But, all he got was me in my squeaky voice (yeah, LOST it AGAIN....somebody please stop the madness) saying, "What are you doing here?" Then I made a cute pout face which he loved. He brought me a card and a really pretty potted flower, because I'm practical like that. AND, I simply didn't need anymore roses in my life. Whatever the flower is, it smells REALLY good!

So, we had a fabulous, quiet evening, just us, the pizza we ordered and the TV. Well, there was the moment when my Uncle from Utah, who I never see nor really speak too for that matter, was knocking at my door. It was wierd. It seems he's in town with his kids for a soccer tournament. My Grandpa lives right next door to me, and they were visiting. Well, they took Gramps and his wifey to dinner, and unfortunately, grampy forgot his keys, so they were locked out. So, while I called my brother to look for an extra key to grampas house, and sent he and Uncle over there to get it, in trapsed Aunt and their two kids and Grampas Argentinian wife (that's a whole other story). So, we entertained them for about 45 minutes. I really didn't mind, they're good people, just a bit different. Auntie is an alcoholic, and just goofy anyway. The kids are spoiled beyond recognition, thus making them insufferable to their parents and ok to strangers. Stepgramma speaks broken english, but she's cute. I played chess with little boy cousin, he's 12, and I've never played chess before. So, spanish gramma was coaching me....had to be there, it was funny. Needless to say, he beat me, and I still don't understand the game. Then I played Othello with the girl cousin, she's 13, and WOW, she's mellowed a lot! I love that game, and I fared much better. Finally g'pa and uncle returned and all went on their way. But not before aunt STOLE Jers book. Ok, stole is a harsh word, but seriously, she just assumed he gave it to her, and took it. I found it comical, I couldn't stop laughing. He, for the most part was stunned, and now he's mad and wants his book back. BAH, it was only 6 bucks, and hopefully she'll enjoy it. So, after they left, we finished our cold dinner, and just watched tv and did laundry. How is that for romance folks!! GOOD TIMES! Actually, perfect for us, AND we had a nice conversation about his upcoming audition and all the possibilities. So, that's my day. I feel like I want to write more, but there isn't anything to really say. So, I should really sign off, say goodbye, bid a fond adieu, sally forth to bed. Uh, ok, you catch my drift.

Later friends.

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