December 05, 2005 | 9:05 a.m.
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To offer proof of my trip to the "Big Apple" I submit this. May I just say, getting this picture was truly HELLACIOUS. If ever I've felt like a salmon swimming upstream, this would have been the time. It was INSANE the sheer number of people that were in New York this weekend. Even my beloved Stephen was surprised. Needless to say, the place was hoppin!! Anywhosy, I had a FABULOUS time this weekend. Saw three shows, "Sweet Charity" which was oh so cute, and my respect for Christina A has grown leaps and bounds. I also saw "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" which had its moments but certainly is not one of my favorites. Then, I saw something called "I See What I Wanna See" a new musical by Michael John LaChiusa, and it was very interesting. It was way off Broadway, and let me just say, in an intimate theatre. I was sitting literally inches away from the stars who included Idina Menzel and Mary Testa. It was awesome to be so up close and personal. I totally heart Mary Testa, she's a phenomenal actress and I wish I could take some voice lessons from her, 'cause that woman has CONTROL!! Anyway, it was a fun little adventure. I totally walked my ass off this weekend and I LOVED it! My feet don't agree so much, but I thought it was awesome. It snowed on Saturday night, but not that much. The weather overall was cold, but totally doable!! My Stephen totally took care of me, and I just had a grand time. So, anyway, here come the pics.

It was truly wonderful to see the city all aglow with Christmas love. It was beautiful and awe inspiring. There were lights and decorations EVERYWHERE. The tree really was lovely all lit up, and it's always fun to see the people out iceskating. The windows at Macy's were super the coolest, as were the windows at Saks. Here is a pic of me attempting to show off all the beautiful angels that line up the walkway at Rockafeller plaza going toward 5th avenue. If you look REALLLLLLY close you can see some Snowflakes up on the building behind me. They were so cool! They were all over the building, in all different sizes and they lit up as music played, and it was beautiful.

Finally there is proof of my favorite gay. We have no idea why this picture turned out totally blue. He likes to attribute it to our cute little Bangladeshian driver. In fact Stephens note says, I think the guy had some crazy energy or something, 'cause why else would the pic be BLUE. I must say, the driver was a delightful conversationalist. He took me to the airport and we chatted it up the entire way. I know all about him, his family, his jobs, his life and his beliefs. Good times. I just love talking with my taxi drivers or car drivers, I find them to be fascinating people. Anywho, here we are in front of Stephens fabulously located building.

So as we know, I went out to catch Christina before she left the show or it closed. Am I EVER so glad I did. She was really, REALLY good, and she is a trooper! She completely threw her back out before intermission, and she continued on with the show. You would have never known she was DYING in pain. She was funny, cute, a really great actress, and I just thought the show was fun. Ernie Sabella was in it too, and yesterday as Stephen (oh by the way, Ernie is the voice of Pumba, for those who didn't know) and I were walking home, we passed the Charity theatre, and look over and there is Ernie, in full costume, just hangin out in front of the theatre, killing time. Yeah, he was bored inside and was just chillin. Well, we thought it was funny anyway. So, this pic is of me in front of the doors, just me and all the hoochy fandango dance hall girls. Hehe.

And FINALLY, the pic you've ALL been waiting for....ME and Christina [email protected]@legate. May I just say, she is darling! She was the sweeeeeetest person, so kind, so accomadating. Stephen took me backstage to tour the set and to hang out. I met many of the actors, and then we waited to see Christina. She was in A LOT of pain, and when she finally came out, you could tell she'd been crying. She could barely walk, and yet, she had a big smile, and took time to talk to these little girls that were there to see another girl in the show. We hung out for awhile and chatted. She LOVES Stephen and misses him, since he left the show. She gave him gifts and we took pics and she hugged me and seriously, the nicest person. Did I mention she's TINY. Holy crap, if I didn't feel like a giantess before, I sure did then. WOW! I thin my shrunken boobs are bigger than her entire head. Sorta scarey really. Anywho, here she is.

I'd like to take a mo and talk about how my ass fit in all the theatre seats I was in. Two of them were a nice fit, nothing too bad, one was TIGHT but I at least could fit in it. The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels was a squeeeeze. I got lucky and got a ticket because some large group turned some in. So, I was sitting in the middle of a row (which is just always my worst nightmare) in between all these co-workers and I felt awkward. But, at the same time, even though my hips and thighs were slowly turning blue and in great pain, I was so pleased that I could even get in the seat. 'Cause as we all know, if it was that tight then, my booty was NOT getting into that seat a few months ago at all. I felt such freedom this trip, the ability to walk around comfortably, no real fear of fitting in the seats, it was so great. My airplane ride was also doable. I could at least get the armrests down, though again, it was tight. But, it sucked that I was stuck in the middle seat on both flights. OY! That is enough to send me to the nut house. I can't wait to see how it is when we go back out there for Spring Break. The seats should be much more doable by then. Ah, this losing weight this is the grooviest!!! Speaking of, I weighed the morning I left and I had lost another 5 lbs. putting me at 115 lbs. lost. BOOYAH baby!! I'm hoping all my walking over the weekend helped me lose some more. Anywho, this is probably long enough!! Ciao!

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