March 18, 2006 | 10:41 p.m.
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On the eve of my 2MONTH absence from D-land, I finally feel compelled enough to add an entry. Actually, I've felt compelled several times to come and vent some rage at the Reality TV Ridiculousness, but then my uber laziness won out. Alas, I've quelled the lazy gene just long enough to get my ass in front of the computer and my typing fingers in action. So, here goes, my take on the unfolding of Reality thus far. I'll just make a list, bullett it if you will, and hopefully you'll follow along.

Oh, and for the record, I have just been super dee duper busy, and hardly EVER get to read diaries anymore, much less write. Haha, ok, that's only half true, I mean, I AM busy, and have had a lot going on, but I also waste a lot of time on the computer, even if it is every 4th day now, instead of EVERY day. My point is, I didn't even know Reva was pregnant until like 2 days ago. I hadn't read Danielles page in like an eternity, and when I did, it was with distress to learn that she actually LIKES the pile of shit known as Kevin Covais, but that's for another part of this entry. I didn't even know that Eden had been in AZ and taking care of her Mommy, until she was already home again. Seriously people, it's ridiculous. What have I been doing you ask? Well, aside from the usual, teaching school which sucks my life away stuff, still teaching the private lessons, co-directing a show at the college (which shall remain nameless and never mentioned again, because it was a pile), being the Roadshow director for our ward show. Now THAT was a crazy, packed, fun filled WEEK, but dangit, we put on a fantastical roadshow! And thanks to my buddy Carson, we had the greatest costumes EVER! Seriously, thank goodness for him and his ridiculous amount of costumes in his Moms garage. I'm also trying to get ready for the grade level prodcutions at school, and frankly, I'm sucking at that. No seriously, what the hell? Mix in there my sister having a baby, my other sister having a baby scare (in which all has turned out A-ok, and all is well thank you), my husband being sick with strep every other week, and you can see, it's nutty. But, who cares, what we're all really here for is my take on my favorite shows. You KNOW you've been waiting Eden, just admit it. With that said, I'll begin with my fave of all.........

Ummmm, underwhelmed with team choices this time out. Truly not thrilled. There was not ONE team that just jumped out at me and made me want to root for them and love them. So, after 2 weeks, I've settled on the hippies because they're totally Scooby and Shaggy, and they've grown on me. Besides, they've totally got to be undercover Macgyvers or something, 'cause they're just good at this. I also like Ray and Yolanda, and MoJo, the hot couple. Other than that, I got nothing. The two frat guys are total and complete pigs, the girl team are ho's, the Dentist and his wife are just horrid and irritating, even the gay team was a total let down. I mean c'mon, usually I have love for the gays, but this time, OY! Oh, I DO like Fran and Berry, the older couple. Mostly because they have spunk, and they're in far better shape than I can ever hope to be. But, they're no match for...."Meredith, we have a baaaaad elephant." If you're a true fan, you'll know of what I quote. Anywho, I'm VERY glad they're back to the original format, and I've enjoyed their locales so far, and I REALLY enjoy the fact that you can go to the CBS website for Race and under Fans, there are former racers who are commenting on each episode. That's fun. So, yeah, that's all I've got so far.

Fine, I realize it's over. But, it came and went without me making an entry. I absolutely detested with every fiber of my being the pile of crap known as Santino. He was rude, arrogant, hideous and just plain ridiculous. The ONLY thing I appreciated him for was his hysterical Tim Gunn impersination. I loved Nick and was pissed that he didn't make the final three. I'm indifferent to Chloe winning the whole thing. In fact, I was very NOT impressed with any of the final three's collections. It really made last years designers stand out as much more creative and talented. And frankly, I couldn't stand Jay from last year, but I think he definitely was better than this years winners.

I know, it hasn't even started, but good hell I'm excited. I don't know why, I don't know what it is about Johnathan and his completely self-absorbed snarkiness, but I just love that show.

I just really love this show, and love to see the fatties get skinny. However, I won't lie, the Navy Wives Vs. the Marine Wives was a MAJOR let down. I was sooooooooo not impressed with their lack of loss. Here's hoping they get their freaking act together and get the next season of the real show cast and filming. I'm in need of the "real" version of the show. Speaking of, how much do you just love Matt and Suzie from last season? I just think they're the greatest. Also, shoutout and kudos to my friend Tracer who auditioned for the show and wasn't picked. She's bound and determined to lose weight, so she's doing Biggest Loser online, joined a gym and has lost 27 lbs. in 2 weeks. You GO girl!!!

Speaking of the gym. We take a break from our regularly scheduled reality update to talk about ME. I FINALLY did it. I joined Curves. They were having a FREE signup if you brought in a bag of food. Ummm hello, how can you turn THAT down? So, I dutifully brought in my bag of food, and got my flabby ass doing the circuit. I like it. I like that it's fast and convienent and I don't have to look at boys, or skinny hardbodied girls. I'm not entirely sure that I think it's the "best" workout there is, but I know that it's working for now. I lost 8 lbs. last week. WOO HOO!!! So, for that, I say hooray!!! And now, back to our regular programming.

Again, I realize it's OVER, but I didn't get to comment on it. TOTALLY ADDICTING. I absolutely LOVED that show. And I was soooooooo happy that Drew Lachey won. I mean, I remember watching Newlyweds and always thinking he was such an ugly brother, but after this show, I think he's totally cute, and I respect him so much. He kicked serious BUTT, and he deserved to win. Also, really loved Lisa Rinna, she just cracked me up. I read today in People that she convinced Louie to move to LA from Utah, and open a dance studio with her. How great is that? Also, really liked Skating with Celebrities, it was impressive, I won't lie. But, I digress.

Ohhhh, let the strutting begin. Right off, they have some fugly girls in there, WOW! But, I really like Nenna, 'cause she's just pretty, and damn, she can pull off bald. I also like the girl who looks like a Bratz doll with her big ol' huge lips. There is a girl in there that looks like a man, and the girl from New Orleans was just plain ug, and I'm glad she's gone. I just love to see what kind of photo shoots they put them in, and what kind of challenges they come up with. It's fun, it's a guilty pleasure. Tyra bugs me to no end, with all her eye blinking and taking herself so seriously when she's sending girls home, but I can just mute her, so it's all good.

I hardly even know where to begin with this. Frankly, this is where my blood boils over and I get so irate I can hardly see straight. This is the show that has moved me to come and comment. Because people, it's like this....Kevin I'm a stupid retarded moron Covais sucks serious ASS. He has NO business being on this show at any level. The fact that he made it to Hollywood alone discredits the show. The fact that he beat out people with REAL talent and real showmanship, only makes it worse. Each week that his ridiculous, eye blinking, lisping, ass sucking self continues, makes me angrier. The fact that Will Makar, who COULD sing and COULD perform went home, UGH! Worse yet, Ace Young being in the bottom three and Kevin I think I'm really cool now Covais was safe, MORE THAN I COULD BARE. America is so FREAKING retarded sometimes I want to scream. Who the hell cares if he's "so cute", he DOESN'T BELONG THERE. So, pull your heads out before we have another Scott white trash from last season, or Nicky McKibbin on our hands. And what really truly pisses me off the most is the fact that Randy and Paula coddle him so much. They're laughing at him, but telling him how much they like him. And then they'll say to someone else that they weren't good. I just don't FREAKING get it!!!!! We're looking for talent people, not a mascot. UGH! Just talking about it gets me all pissed again. As far as the rest of the show, I'm totally in love with Chris Daughtry. I mean to say, I FREAKING love him. He is amazing, his voice is so cool, he's sexy and he's just great! I also adore Katherine McPhee. As far as pure vocal talent, NOONE touches her. Seriously, I've never heard a more effortless and beautiful voice. She's beautiful and gifted and I would be fine with her winning. My choice is her or Chris. Mandisa is fine, but honestly, I just don't want to see her giant flabby arm flapping about in the breeze anymore. Hey, I can say that, I'm a fatty, I understand the batwing effect of the fatty arm. COVER THE DAMN ARMS!!!! That's all I'm saying. Fatties the world over should take this to heart. You can be proud, you can "love yourself" but it does NOT mean that the world needs to see all your extra flesh hanging about. Lane Bryant should be shot for selling clothes that showcases so much flesh. Ewww, we're fat, COVER IT!!! Moving on. Bucky is gross, he's just so trashy to me. Occassionally he can sing, but most of the time he goes off pitch and pushes too hard. Lisa is really talented, but not who I want to see win. Paris bugs me really bad. I LOVE Taylor Hicks, yes his ticks and jerks can get annoying, yet I LOVE him, AND his gray hair. Glad to see Melissa go, was PISSED that she stayed and Ayla went home early. Ayla could SING, and I really liked her. Elliot has a BEAUTIFUL voice, but he looks like a creepy troll. I don't know what can be done for him, but I do like him. Ace is cute, and some weeks he's great and others he's a bit sucky. So, I'm almost indifferent to him. And, with that, I'm tired of talking about it. But, I leave you with this....WHAT did we ever do without Reality TV? I can't imagine it. Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE my Law & Orders, my CSI, and my Criminal Minds (fabulous show, and if you're not watching it, GET TO IT). Oh my gosh, and I almost forgot, Four Kings. That show is HILARIOUS, please watch it, it's worth the laugh. Also enjoy Two and a half Men, that kid is freaking funny! Yeah, I have a TV problem.

Oh, also, Jer got cast as THE NERD in "Ther Nerd" and he's soooo excited about this show. Frankly, I'm pretty excited about it, 'cause it's hysterical. He's having the time of his life in rehearsals, and it's so fun to see him so happy with it. We're really excited because his aunt and uncle are coming out from Chicago to see him in it, and they NEVER come out here.

In my world, I have now lost 153 lbs. and I feel GREAT! Well, other than the fact that I have a HUGE knot in my left shoulder/neck right now, I feel great. I'm wearing clothes in 3 different sizes, but one of them is a size I haven't worn in almost 16 years. FUN!! I'm close to 8 months out, and hopefully I'll like my 8 month picture better than my 7 month. I hated what I chose to wear, and my hair doesn't look good in the 7 month. So, when I take the 8 month, I'll post that. Plus, I'm hoping to be at 160 lost at that point. It's really fun, and it's exciting, but then I have to have a reality moment and go, but I still have 90 more to lose. OY! And then the TRUE reality is, my body is NOT attractive. I SO need surgery to remove the excess skin, and yet I don't know how that will ever happen. Everything costs money people. But, I'm not really complaining, because I've been given the greatest gift ever, and I have a new lease on life. I'm happy, I feel good, and it will only keep getting better.

Well, this is ridiculously long, and probably self-indulgent and boring,so I must go.

I'd like to say again, Jody, if you're out there, and reading....I'm thinking of you. I wonder about you, I don't know how to get a hold of you. If anyone else knows, please let me know. I HOPE you're ok.

Goodnight all!

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