October 09, 2002 | 11:37 p.m.
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Ok, another day, still retarded in the world of computers, htmls and so forth. I just signed up for a guestbook, but can't figure out how to attach it to my site. Can I really be this rejected? Apparently so.

Anyway, today......it began with my husband waking me at 4:30 a.m. from the recliner and telling me to come to bed. After some fitful sleep, he got up and left for a meeting at 7:30. I promptly moved to his side of the bed and slept for another 3 hours. Yes, my life is rough, I get to sleep in in the mornings. Anyway, a friend called at 10:00 and woke me up, we had a lovely chat about nothing, while I emptied the dishwasher and loaded it. I'm usually sooooo wasteful with my time, it was nice to actually get something done. I then spent some time reading e-mails, writing some, doing stuff online, hanging out with my brothers and nephew, and just nothing of importance. Other than I've started a charming correspondance with Libbyo, I enjoy her.

I was finally FORCED to shower and get ready for the day, since I had students arriving, beginning at 2:00. Somedays, I really like teaching voice, it's enjoyable, I see progress, I like ceratin students better than others, you know how it goes. Other days, I just REALLY am not in the mood to sit at a piano for 6 straight hours and plunk out songs and listen to pre-pubescent voices, etc. No really, it wasn't all that bad today, I just didn't feel good at all. I have fibrmyalgia and most of the time I can just sort of ignore the pain and go on. But, days like today happen, and I just feel like poo all day long. I was tired, achey, icky. Thankfully, the hours passed quickly and my last student didn't come for the night. So, I promptly popped in a tape to record my FAVORITE show "The Amazing Race", made a few phonecalls, and headed out for a meeting with some people at church. The meeting was harmless enough, just teaching me how to be a better leader to my minions, hee hee. Wanna know where my husband was for all of this....he was at the American Idol concert at America West Arena. Yes, my husband, my freaky, funny, silly man is a freak for anything "of the moment". He called to tell me he had the greatest time, and then was going to dinner with friends. He should be home soon, then we'll get to watch our show together and have our own amazing race...HAHHAHAHAHAHA! Marriage is a good thing, I promise.

So, that's my day, that's me. I still need to take care of the finances, and I still need to change air filters, and I STILL need to talk to my teacher at ASU and figure a few things out. But, another day has come and gone. Tomorrow I have Sound of Music Rehearsal, I'm co-directing it.

Right now, my bro. and sis.-in-law are having an argument about recording something on TV. It's always enjoyable to be privy to your siblings married life. Yeah, my parents are mission presidents in Honduras and my husband and I, and my bro. and his wife all live in the parentals house whilst they're gone. For the most part I LOVE it. We always have fun, play games, share groceries, hang out, etc. But, there are days when they really bug, or we bug them, and little things get under our skin. There are times when I wonder what it will be like to live all alone, just me and my husband, oh his name is Jere (jerry), for all future reference I will use his name. I wonder what it will be like to actually get to decorate our own apartment, to pay ALL the bills, to not have others around to talk to. It'll be great.

I'm tired, must be on my way.

Nighty night.

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