January 07, 2003 | 10:24 a.m.
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Good Hell, I've let another 2 1/2 weeks get past me. My laziness astounds even me at times.

Let's discuss Christmas and what a fab year it was! Side note, I think why I put off making entries is, I have a serious detail issue. I feel like I have to put every last detail into my writing, and that gets tiring to think about writing. I'll try and keep things simple today. Alright, back to Christmas....Jer and I got up around 9:30 to open our gifts to eachother, just the two of us. We sat around the Christmas tree and delighted in the gifts we'd gotten eachother. The highlights were...Jer made a CD of him singing all these old standard, crooner songs (I like him singing that style best). The funniest was the cover, it featured the title "Live From Tub Rub a Dub" and a picture in full color of Jer in a bathtub (looking oh so seductive) covered in bubbles, candles lit all around, glass of champagne and a rubber ducky. Inside were more pictures like it and a long note to me and all involved in helping him get the CD done. Anyway, it was shweet! My big surprise to him was his trip back home to Chicago to visit his fam, he was in disbelief to say the least. So, after our gifts, we listened to his CD, took showers and headed to his Moms. His madre went nutso on us this year, gave us soooooooo much!!! We were so grateful for her generosity, and it was a fun time. Ok, get the hankies, heres the good part. After like TWO hours of gift opening there was ONE present left. I "knew" this present was for his Mom, because as we were leaving our house there was this extra gift. I asked what it was, Jer said it was for his Mom, I was like "why did you get your Mom another present?" He told me not to worry about it. Anywho, his sister went to hand me the gift, I said "no, that's for Peg" and she smiled and just handed it to me. As soon as it was in my hand she had her camera, Jer and his Mom were on the edge of their seats, and I felt really on the spot. I could not imagine what this could be, because I knew it couldn't be what I thought it might be. Jer thought he was clever by wrapping it, and then under the wrapping, fort knoxing the box with literally 5 layers of masking tape encasing the box. After I finally got through all the layers and ripped open the end of the box, out slid a ring box. I opened the box and there was this BEAUTIFUL kind of antique looking wedding band. I looked at it and realized I'd seen it before. It was his Moms wedding band, and he'd had it sized to fit me. I totally started crying, his Mom was bawling, pictures were flashing. It was the coolest moment! I mean, it was just soooooooo surprising, and sweet and neat! You gotta understand a couple of things...Jers dad died when he was 7 mo. old in a hideous car crash. His Mom has not even so much as gone on a date since then. This ring was her link to the man she loved more than life itself. Also, Peg and I had some issues in the past, but since Jer and I got married things have gotten so much better. So, I felt like this was really special for her to give up for me. Secondly, I didn't have a wedding band, I just said I didn't need one, 'cause I loved my engagement ring, it seemed big enough to count for both. But, once I put that ring on, I felt complete and whole. I hadn't realized that I was really missing that link of our marriage. So, Christmas was a beautiful day!!!

Jer and I had the GREATEST time while my bro. and sis. in law were out of town. We were loving the alone time, I couldn't believe what a difference it made for us. We made up for a lot of lost time, if ya know what I mean. hahaha

New Years was a blast! We went to some friends house and had a big dinner party, white elephant gift exchange, crazy laughter, conversation, etc. We have the best group of friends, I'm so grateful for them! We left around 1:45 a.m., only to return at 9 a.m. for breakfast and a few more laughs. Jer and I came home and took a nice long nap. Well, ok, I took a long nap, he slept awhile then went to work.

I started teaching again yesterday, what a drag. But, I can't complain THAT much because I get paid well, and we REALLY need the money right now. I fear we've spent just a bit too much over the holidays. Oh how quickly the money goes.

Well, boring as it may be, there's my update. The haps of my life in the last 2 weeks.

Jer left this morning, I'm gonna miss him. ::sniff, sniff:: I can't imagine being without him for an ENTIRE week. But, I DO hope he has the greatest time visiting and he feels fulfilled on his family quota for the year.

And one final thought for the day..."CHICAGO" the movie...seen it? If not, SEE IT!!! It's really a beautifully done movie, and very entertaining! Even this affirmed Renee Zelwegger HATER liked her in this movie.

Ok, next time, notes on the symphony and loser singers who think they're good!

Until next time -


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