January 11, 2003 | 1:11 a.m.
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Well my faithful friends, I survived the bar party with only minor damage. I smell like a freaking tobacco farm gone up in flames. Honestly people, the smell of smoke is just too revolting, and it's only worse when you get home to a smoke free environment and that's the only smell permeating your otherwise clean air. I promptly put my clothes in the washing machine to rid them of the odor. However, lest I wanted to jump in the shower at 12:30 a.m. (which I of course didn't want to) my hair and porous body are stuck until tomorrow. So, it was actually pretty fun, this bar is a resteraunt as well, and the food was semi decent, if not a bit pretentiously pricey for the environment. I mean, they charged more than TGI Fridays or Applebees for a lot of their stuff. Never fear, my sis. in law paid for me, quite unexpectedly. It was mostly a girls night out, just me, Jules, Amy, Mandy and the guest of honor Elise. Later Mandies parents stopped by and then Elises Dad and girlfriend. I chatted it up with Mandies parents and I have to say, her dad really reminded me A LOT of my own dad, and it made me very sad and miss him. See, my parents are in the far off land of Honduras, and have been for 18 months and will be for another 18 months. We talk to them on the phone occasionally, and e-mail, but other than that have not seen them. Well, my Mom was able to come to my wedding, but not my Dad. It just really hit me how much I missed him and all his cute dadisms. ::Sigh:: So anyway, karaoke began and these girls were PRO karaokers (how should I spell that?) They've been going to this particular bar for QUITE some time, practically regulars. They talked me in to doing a couple of songs, much to my chagrine. Well, I did "Boardwalk" and I"m quite pleased to report that I actually pulled it off. I knew it well enough to do it. Plus, my brother has an acapella group that has recorded 5 CD's and they did this on one of theirs, so I had some bonus material to add to it. It was one of the only times I've actually had fun doing it. My d-land friend Dot wrote that she struggles with Karaoke as well, because she only knows show tunes and then wants to sing with perfect technique, rather than just busting out a tune. That is SO it!!! My whole problem is, I think I have to sing correctly and perfectly and full, and I can't handle even the thought of being on the wrong pitch ::gasp, banish the thought::, and that seriously holds a girl back. Now, all the other average karaokers are NOT singers or teachers of it for a living, so they're just having fun. Balls to the wall fun, they don't care if they're off pitch or if they suck, they just like to feel like a rock star for a minute. I think I shall set a goal to get over my bad self and just have fun with it. My sis. in law DID give us a couple of karaoke CD's for Christmas, perhaps I should just get crackin and practice. Jer has a little karaoke machine his mom gave him for his birthday. In fact, one morning a couple of weeks ago, he got a wild hair and just sat in front of the TV and sang song after song for the fun of it. It was really quite cute and funny actually. Ah, I love that guy, he makes me happy. Oh good hell, too long on this topic. Suffice it to say, I went, I conquered and I had fun. Oh, final thought, went to Julies early so I could help her do her hair, I'm proud to state, I made her hair look good. A hairdresser I am NOT, and I don't claim to have skills in that area, but tonight it all came together for me. Joy and rapture.

Today I accomplished something! Let the praise music swell to it's climax and everyone shout halleluia!!! I marched my fluffy keister out to the office to finally clean it up and find the office again. Well, I did that right after I watched a very funny Regis and Kelly. Whose with me taht Kelly Rippa is freaking funny? She was the MOST fabulous addition to that show. I watch just for her! Anyway, after a satisfying laugh, I went to the office. First, I made the deposit (parents own rental properties, I'm in charge o the cash), paid the bills and then went to work. I spent a good 3 hours in there, but I'll be danged if it doesn't look fabulously smooth in there. I hesitate to mention that I haven't filed anything since May, and it looked like a tornado had gone through there. It's now clear of any paper debris, all is filed, desk is clean and life is good. So, who wants to dust the knick knack filled space? Yeah, didn't think so.

Jer wants me to call the mattress store where we bought our bed, since it has some issues and we need to get it replaced before the warranty runs out. I told him, "Look out, I cleaned the office today and that's only been on my list of to do's for 5 months, I'm on a role now, I just MAY call that company, no stoppin me now." Perhaps with this burst of thoroughness I'll actually call the doctor.

Ok, speaking of the doctor, my sister had to go to the hospital today to get a cat scan. This isn't the most pleasing of news to me. Her tooth started hurting immensely on Tuesday and by Wed. morning she couldn't open her mouth and could barely talk due to the pain. She got to a dentist, he told her one of her wisdom teeth had poked through and the infection she'd been fighting (flu/cold) had settled there and 'caused an absess of sorts. They gave her pain meds and an antibiotic, but she went to her regular doctor today anyway. He was so concerned about it that he sent her to the hospital. My poor sister, if it's not one thing it's certainly another with her. Never mind that she's divorced, has 5 children, teaches music at a school, teaches privately and is trying to take 12 credit hrs. of college so she can finish her bachelors. No, that's NOT enough, let's throw in constant battles of health, because that's just fun. She has no money and is forever stressing how to pay her bills, and now she has some big medical bills in her future. Oh, and one of her twins just had major surgery on his foot (born with club feet, surgery at 18 months, this was to fix that surgery), 3 of her kids have severe dental issues that will require braces and some oral surgery maybe. OY! Can I just say, I'm thankful for my blessings and thankful that at this point I haven't had to face such trials. I pray for her that she'll make it through this difficult time. Wow, sorry for that rant.

Well, I should probably get off before I continue writing the worlds longest diary epistle.



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