January 11, 2003 | 3:35 p.m.
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It's 3:30 p.m. and guess who is STILL in their pj's sporting bed head? Oh yeah, you guessed it, it's ME! I just had a wierd night of fitful sleep and potty breaks. I finally rolled out of bed around 10:30 and I've just been fiddling around ever since. I've done a few loads of laundry, I've semi-cleaned my room, I had some breakfast, read an article in my new entertainment weekly, talked to Jer a couple of times,you know how it goes.

I did get industrious and tore apart our bed to assess just what kind of damage there is. I found a broken board in the box spring, which could explain maybe a little something. I got truly crazy and called Sleep America, let it be stated for the record, they have one, count it ONE customer service rep, suffice it to say, he wasn't available. So, I was forced to go online and fill out my customer service complaint there. I wrote him a nice little tome outlining the issues with the bed. Let's all hold a good thought that I will be getting a brand new bed for free thanks to my warranty. I told Jer, he was so proud of me. At this rate, I WILL get the doctor called this week. Oh, it feels good to be a person of action. Now, if I could take a shower I could actually get to Wal-Mart for my usual $70.00 outing. I swear, does everyone else find this problem? You go into Wal-mart for a couple of items and you walk out $70.00 later wondering just what in the heck you bought? This time I have an actual list of needed purchases, this doesn't bode well for my budget. Then, if I get that done, I can actually return a Christmas present and seek out some more clothing to fit my giant sized Arss! Oh, it all sounds so involved. I'll let you know how it all turns out.

Random memory: Spying on a guy my friend liked and dropping and doing ninja rolls in the parking lot, one because we thought it was funny, and two because he came out unexpectedly from the concert he was at. We thought we were so clever and funny. I love Ang, she always got me to do the craziest things. Sure wish she'd move back to ARIZONA!!!!

Favorite musical experience: Playing Little Buttercup in HMS Pinafore because my captain was freaking hysterical and the coolest guy. And, it's quite possibly the ONLY time I'll EVER get to kiss someone on stage. A leading lady I am not, just the funny sidekick. It was a FUN show all the way around. The director made me do crazy, silly funny stuff. Followed closely by Narrator in Joseph, because face it folks that is just a FUN musical and that part is funner!

Least favorite musical experience: Arminy and chorus monkey # 3 in Carousel, because that show SUCKS!!!!! And our production of it sucked even more. Followed by Sourceress in Dido and Aneas. It's a morbid stupid opera and I was truly scary looking. One night the stage caught on fire after I did a little pyrotechnic conjuring in my cauldron. A stage hand had to run out and dump sand on it. It was smooth, I'm tellin ya.

Biggest regret for musical: Letting pride get in my way and not taking a part on The Secret Garden. It happens to be my favorite musical of all time!

Favorite New York Broadway memory: Getting a backstage tour of Full Monty, and kickin it on the set and with the cast. I stood on a Broadway stage and looked out at the house, it was a very surreal and cool moment. As for seeing shows definitely Ragtime with the original cast, I cried my gutts out! It was one of the most phenomenal experiences of my life (meeting Brian Stokes Mitchell afterward and chatting 'cause he's friends with one of my dear friends wasn't half bad either). Followed by Urinetown because it is absolutely brilliant, and hysterically funny. I nearly wet myself, and again, I got to see original cast. Finally, 42nd Street, WOW!!!! That is good times that all should see. It's a visually stunning show, and the dancing is way to great for their own good.

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