July 22, 2003 | 10:21 p.m.
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Well, well, well, look who IS alive and kicking. It's only been THREE months, and many things have happened, and changed, but whatever.

Currently I'm sitting at my lovely new computer, in my beautiful apartment. Yep, the biggest change has been, Jer and I moved into our own place. We spent about 3 weeks gutting the kitchen and redoing it, painting every wall in the place, putting a new floor in the kitchen, new bathroom sink and fixtures,etc. But, I'm here to tell ya, the finished result is oh so beautiful. We are soooo happy having our OWN place, just the freedom to walk around in our undies with noone else to see us is beauty enough. But seriously, it was a blast to be able to find my decorating sense and buy furniture, and pick paint and fixtures, etc. It's a very earthy, calm feel. LOVE IT! Our favorite thing is to have people over to visit and tour our little place. So, that's what kept me uber busy for the end of April and part of May. After that, it was winding down the end of the school year with my students and getting ready for their recital. My recital went really well this year, I realized I have a lot of talented young singers in my midst.

June was a crazy month of teaching voice in the mornings, and teaching kids music theater workshop all afternoon every day of the week. We teach two workshops, two weeks apiece for ages 8 - 15 at the community college. At the end of the two weeks, we put on a fabulous show for the public. It went really well this year, in spite of the fact that we were completely NOT ready for the first session. The amazing blessing was that Jer got to teach the workshop too, which meant very thankfully some more money for us. Jer was also busy rehearsing for Kiss me Kate. Their final performance was last weekend. I'm not gonna lie, I've always thought I HATED Kiss me Kate, wanted NOTHING to do with it. But, I'm pleased to report that this was actually a VERY good production. Jer played Baptista, and he did such a great job. This really was my favorite role he's played, as far as I think he did the best as a character. Our friends Ty & Linz played the leads, and they did a smash up job!

Currently, we're dealing wtih our brand new car being broken down, HELLO!!!!!! THat sucks, and it's ridiculous. So, we're back to driving around my trusty ghetto cruiser, while we get the other one fixed. We're leaving for a week to Utah and Montana for a family reunion next Wednesday, sorry but I need a working car I can trust! UGH!!!

This summer has been wedding central, three of my cousins got married within a week of eachtother, my beloved Eden got married in June and I had to miss her reception due to the workshop (I shall always have bitterness toward that) two of my students got married, and several people from my church. I'm tellin ya, I can't keep up with it all.

See, this is the reason taht I don't write, 'cause who the hell cares. I have absolutely NOTHING of importance or excitement to talk about. Ok, well other than how much I love my Clay Aiken and his CD and his cover of Rolling STone. I can't wait for his CD to come out, 'cause that is the one and only CD I'll ever go to the store to buy. See, I'm an UBER cheapskate when it comes to music, I REFUSE to buy CD's, 'cause I just don't listen to them. How wierd is that, I make my living teaching music, I sing for a living and I hate listening to music. I'm wierd, what more can I say.

Well, we have a friend over right now, and she and Jer are watching a movie in the living room. I should go and be social.

Later skaters -


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