September 05, 2003 | 5:40 p.m.
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This is my bi-polar entry!

HOOOOOOOOOOORAY! Two people succumbed to my pleas and wrote in my guestbook. This small action caused my already ample bosom to swell with joy. Thanks girls, you know who you are.

Now, I'm PISSED, 'cause the stupid dumb head nong nongs at Leavitts still have NOT delivered my entertainment center. I want it dammit! Is that so much to ask? They called and said they're running an HOUR late. Hello, so what you're saying is....conceivably I will not see my precious piece of furniture until 7 p.m.? They answered in the affirmative. It took great restraint for me to stay calm and civil. See, I have places to be, people to see, purchases to make. Whatever...my agony shall soon be over.

This has been a grand day of activity for me. The fact that I accomplished more than one task says a WHOLE lot about the goodness of it all. I pried myself out of bed around 9:30 (it just felt so good to be in bed, and I was sleepy), picked up the house a smidge and then got into the shower. With a few interuptions here and there, I was finally ready to head out around 11:00 a.m. My first stop was the school so I could pick up my 2nd official teacher paycheck, SUHWEET!! I then promptly marched to the bank and deposited said check with some others and then had a chashieres check made out to my overly burdened bank one credit card. It felt good to be making such a LARGE payment. After that was done I meandered over to Big Lots to see their latest bargains. I picked up an absolutely adorable Christmas knick knack or two. Yeah, you read it right, Christmas is being merchandised and it's only freaking September 5th!! But, I was pleased none the less. I also got a clever little candle lantern thing, and some candle stands...all in prep for my NEW ENTERTAINMENT CENTER. You know, the funny thing about this is, we don't even have a real tv, we don't have cable, our stereo is ghetto trashy and we don't even entertain that much. But, I'm still excited. Anywho, after Big Lots I went to the car dealership to get my free lube and oil. The bastages took over an HOUR of my precious day to do it. In the interim, I began reading a book on Orff, a thing for music teachers. I'm diggin it, it's actually making me excited to teach.

Finally, I'm done with Earnhardts, I sashay over to Costco, pick up a few necessary items, keeping it to a record low $48.00, thank you very much. Then it was time for my hair appointment. I'm really bad about keeping up on my color, I usually get my hair done every two to three months...not good. Anyway, it's always fun to remember what color my hair is when first colored (for enquiring minds...really red in an auburny way). My pal Char does my hair, and I enjoy my time spent with her and her crazy corner of the sallon. Have to say, felt a little silly carting my hunk of cheese and gallon of mayo into the sallon, however, I didn't want food poisoning either. The hair is ok, left there went to Ross to see if they had any fun little bargains. I found two things that coulde be fun...we'll have to see, once the ENTERTAINMENT CENTER gets here! After carting everything in from the car and sweating my booty off, I'm finally ready to head back out into the big bad world and go to my beloved Target. I can always find something to buy there. Half my house is decorated in Target finds. I also need to scoot over to Pier One, 'cause they have the only reddish/burgundy glass vaseish thing I've found that I like. Oh rapture, I'm off to buy it!!!

Jer is mad at me, 'cause I'm a money monger. I freak out about making sure all the bills are paid and that we have money in the bank. I don't just blindly spend, I think about it for six years and worry about it, and then finally buy something. He just spends blithely, like the bank account is a bottomless pitt. Ok, so he is getting WAY better. He's trying to be aware, and to be a partner in this situation. But still, I'm always the meany that says no to his purchasing. I hate being that person. I hate that he gets mad at me. It's hard. Hopefully one of these days we'll get it figured out...a system that works for both of us. In the mean time, I push onward.

buh bye

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