September 10, 2003 | 12:10 p.m.
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I threw up today. This only has significance and needs to be recorded for all posterity because...I've only thrown up 4 times in 13 years. Yes, I know how many times I've tossed my cookies. 13 years ago, I was at Disneyland, minding my own business, when suddenly, out of nowhere my body betrayed me. I vomited, cryed and then went on my way. The other times inbetween then and now were once while in Indiana, Christmas day, and then another time a couple of years ago. It's strange, but I just do NOT ever yak. And thankfully so, because after todays episode, it's brought home more than full force why this is such an unsavory thing to do. How can anyone force themselves to do this on a regular basis. It just jacks your whole body and system up. UGH!

In other news, to the poor, poor little coward who signed my guestbook....I'm sorry your self esteem is so low that you had to rip on a complete strangers diary. I didn't ask YOU to sign my book. I don't care who does or doesn't sign my book. I wrote that "Plea" as a joke more than anything else. Mostly because I know of only 3 people FOR SURE that read this. So, the fact that someone else is reading, go me. However, if you feel that bad about yourself that you have to talk crap about someone you don't even know (or maybe you do know) I'm sorry for you. If you were trying to offend me, you failed. Here's hoping you grow up and find a happier life.

To my friend Joycee, thanks for being the coolest. Goodluck on the house thing.

In other, other news...we're goin to New York. Wierd but true, we're going. Crazy friend Trace who likes to pay for our sorry asses is taking us to the Big Apple to stay in a swanky hotel and see shows and check out the sights. I've sworn that I would NOT go back to New York UNLESS I did the NBC studio tour this time, saw a taping of Regis & Kelly, saw the museum of the television arts and sciences, the Met museum, and ate at Tavern on the Green. No fears people, I'm doing all those things. The funny thing is, the only two shows that I haven't seen and care to see are Hairspray and Little Shop of Horrors. The other shows we're gonna see, I've already had the privelage of seeing on Broadway. Oh, except we are gonna see Take Me Out...nothing like naked men on stage..woo hoo.

I'm not gonna lie...the fact that I got to stay home from school today and NOT face those kids with my lame excuse of music class has brought me unending joy. I'm sure that last sentence broke about 27 rules of grammar, but screw you English. Seriously, I laid in bed until 10:30, I cautiously walked past the bathroom, so as to not let my body know I was near one. I read my Entertainment Weekly (oh how I enjoy that magazine and it's witty writers) and now I'm online. If only I didn't have to pull it together and teach my voice students this afternoon. Ah well, I can't get away from it all. Unless I barf on one of them, now that would not be a good thing.

HELLO! I haven't written since we got the entertainment center. It's been a fun filled weekend. The guys showed up around 7:00 Friday night, set up my beauty of a unit and disappeared like all good furniture fairys should. I had been making purchases throughout the day to help decorate the unit, and I promptly went out and made a few more purchases to complete the decor. I had to wait until Jer got home so we could put all the electronic gear in and thread the cords through etc. THAT SUCKED! We were up until 3 a.m. doing that job, 'cause how do you get cords through holes the size of your pinky, and to a plug when the monster unit is AGAINST THE WALL? Good thing I married a freakin MaGyver of a husband, he came up with clever ideas, and they worked. So, with that finally in place I could begin my decorating. In the final analysis...it looks damn good! Saturday we cleaned, so when company came that night...our house would like FUHINE! That afternoon/evening was Jer's big Karaoke finals....to make a LONG story short, I'm sure I lost over half my lungs to the hideous amount of smoking that was going on in that place. I've never stunk so bad or felt sicker than after 4 straight hours of smokers insulting my lungs. Anyway, Jer won, HE WON!!!! $1200 smackers, he WON! Of course he won, he's freaking amazing, and he got up there and had fun, which made the crowd love him more. So, with his winnings, we immediately purchased a TV, a beautiful big tv. The rest of the winnings are going to buying a washer and dryer. I can't stand the whole lug my clothes to Moms house ANYMORE...it's killin me! We also went out to dinner with friends that night, and then had them all over to our house to ooh and ahh over the latest addition. We have great friends, they're so accomidating.

So, that's the haps. Enough said. I'm not feeling so hot.


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