November 21, 2003 | 10:32 a.m.
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10:32 Friday morning, I'm happily in my OWN house. Well, I HAD to spend the night in the poo hole house last night, husband MADE me. But, better believe, as soon as I was awake enough to drive, I toodled my keister right on home. I don't know if I'm s'posed to be having a meeting for our staff Christmas party or not. It would be nice to know, since that would require me showering and stuff. Ah well, I won't worry about it.

I need to clean my brushes. Seriously, this is a problem! My round brushes that I use to get my hair oh so sleek and stylish (HA) get so revolting, it's just all I can do to put them in my hair. But what sucks is, it happens so fast. It takes me freaking FOREVER to clean them, and then poof, in a day they're back to the yuck syndrome! I need a better solution.

I just checked my site counter (compliments of my husband) and someone from asu read my diary. WHAT? who at ASU knows this diary? I'm a little wierded out. Good thing I don't trash talk the program there, or things could get ugly. hehehehe

I think today we're gonna go see "Love, Actually" and I'm quite excited at the prospect. An even more exciting prospect is...I only have to teach for 2 1/2 days next week, and then it's THANKSGIVING and the beautiful day after. Joy and rapture fill my heart! I keep making little noises about getting out my Christmas stuff. But in truth, have not been motivated enough to do it yet. It's always been a day after Thanksgiving thing in my life. However, since we're gonna be gone for like ALL of the Christmas season, I was thinking it'd be nice to get it out a little sooner.

Little sis just called for Utah, gotta runz.

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