November 24, 2003 | 12:41 p.m.
<- Thank goodness for the small things ->

Today has been so GREAT! My sister, who happens to be the principal of this here school came into ALL my morning classes and played the piano (she's amazing) and gave pointers to me and the kids on our singing. The kids were so great for her, totally singing out loud and big. There was still some behavior issues, but nothing like usual. We even got some choreography done, which really makes me happy. For the first time, I'm excited, I feel WAY more at ease about the program and how well the kids will do. Now, if only I could get all the kids to come to the concert. EEEK!

Yesterday Jer invited his Mom and Sis to come over at 9:30 (after he got off work) to see our Christmas decorations. I've been working on it for two days, trying to buy enough stuff to decorate even my family room. I THOUGHT I had so much stuff, HA, I so didn't. But, I'm almost there, I think the only things I need are my beautiful nativity to go on the mantle and some big picture or wreath for one blank wall space, oh and another wood/puzzle nativity for a shelf on my entertainment center. Other than that, it's coming together. I have the CUTEST little grouping of charlie brown scraggly trees, I LOVE them!! It's fun to just have the soft glow of white twinkly lights and the fire in the fireplace. It could oh so romantical, if only my husband and I were ever home at the same time. It seems like we are NEVER home alone together. If we are, it's late at night, after long days. It makes for no lovey time, if ya know what I mean. I can't WAIT for Christmas break, we'll have all the time in the world. Of course we'll be sleeping at his G'mas house 1000's of miles from home, but whatever.

It's cold outstide today, I LOVE that. I'm hoping for a cold Thanksgiving, it seems like its been forever since we've had one. Speaking of, I can't wait for Thanksgiving, no teaching, no students, no nothing. Just enjoying my family, eating too much food, and knowing I have Friday and Saturday to do nothing as well. Hooray!

I told a student she could come at 8:15 tonight for an hour. WHAT was I thinking? I'm so sad, going home brings no relaxing thoughts, I just have to teach until 9:15. UGH! Oh well, I know it pays the bills, so I should really shutup.

Well, I have another kindergarten class on the way, so I'd best be goin!



By the way, it was nice having Jers mom and sis over. His Mom always ooh's and ah's in all the right places. She makes me feel like I have the most beautiful place ever. Well, I DO have a beautiful home and decore, but still, you know what I mean. AND, she brought me some REALLY cute Snowman stuff. I LOVE snowman decore for Christmas, LOVE it! Can't get enough of it! So, I'm 2 snowmen and a snowman hot cocoa set richer. Yea me!

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