December 13, 2003 | 9:28 a.m.
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How exciting is that, Kyan is my Queer Eye guy, he happens to be the one I like best, next to Thom the designer. Tee hee. You my one reader should take the quiz too.

Just to update and make myself feel good for what I DID accomplish yesterday, I'm here. Not that ANYONE gives a flying rats. HMPH!

Anyway, I did get laundry done, dishes unloaded/loaded, house picked up, gifts wrapped and sugar cookies made. Which leaves me with making a program, planning a lesson, mopping the kitchen, and depositing the check. I also need to go make the deposit for Mom and Dads account, but I don't feel like that yet.

Last nights work party was plesant and nice enough. It was interesting to meet a couple of the teachers spouses, sometimes you just never know. We had a fab dinner, a little singing, and a fun gift exchange. I came home with a really cute Santa ornament thing. Jer didn't end up coming, his STUPID "show" went until 10:00. UGH!

Jer isn't auditioning for "Into the Woods" today, which I'm quite relieved about. First of all, hopefully for at least one semester, we won't be dealing with him asking for all kinds of time off work to do a show. HOPEFULLY he'll get normal amounts of hours, and we won't be scrimping so much. Secondly, EVERY time he does a show there he's miserable the whole time. He HATES the director, he HATES the process, he hates all the people, or whatever. All he does is complain and moan and gripe. So, for one semester I should have some peace. Thirdly, I want to figure out some way for us to have a more normal/together existence. Right now we lead such seperate lives, and I think that's a big part of our problems. So, here's for hoping.

This morning we have tithing settlement, I owe a little tithing from last month, eeek. But, other than that, it's all good.

My friend Joycee is in town, I need to call her and invite her over. Jer is working this afternoon, so it might be a perfect time for our visit.

Well, gotta go get ready for the day.

It's cold here, I LOVE it.


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