January 14, 2004 | 8:57 a.m.
<- Large construction and Price is right ->

Ten minutes until the evil 2nd graders appear. Heaven help me.

In other news, TWO people actually cared that I hadn't written. Oh Joy, Oh Rapture! Seriously, how fun.

Next, my bro. in law just built the most ginormous entertainment center I've ever seen. It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and it takes up and ENTIRE wall of their family room. No, you don't understand, HUGE, Ha-UGE!!! It's been given to me as my job to decorate it for my sis. Somewhere along the line my family has decided I'm an interior decorator in waiting. I'll admit, I did a bang up job on my own home, it's true. But, I'm not sure that qualifies me to walk into anyone elses home and make command decisions about where their knick knacks and books should go. However, I accepted my commission, and we went shopping. In one afternoon I made her spend $300.00 on "stuff" to accesorize with. The freaky truth is, she still doesn't have nearly enough. It's way to expensive to decorate properly. I mean, the most expensive thing she bought was $15.00. Everything else was around 5. Ah well, it's still fun.

In other random and exciting news. Apparently we're taking a sister/sis in law trip to Cali. for a little Price is Right action. My youngest sis organzied 10 women in her Utah neighborhood to go to Price is Right. When she called to tell my other sister, the other sister said, "Well, we ALL need to go, as girls in the fam." So, other sister has spearheaded it from our end. Flights are only $78.00 round trip, we have a free hotel and we're splitting a car rental. We leave on a Monday evening and come back Tuesday evening, thus only missing one day of work. Although, I have to miss two nights of teaching, which can't be a good thing in my checkbook. But, as the sisters are saying, it's all for making some serious memories. And I mean really, think about it, how fun will that be. Kickin it in Cali with all my sisters and sis in laws. I have some pretty awesome in laws and sisters! This trip will be taking place first week of February, so I'll keep you posted. Oh my gosh, what am I gonna wear??? Oh the pressure.

Speaking of what to wear...the sad pathetic truth is, I generally wear the same three outfits to school every week. I have one (well 2 now) pair of the most fabulous black pants EVER invented. They're not only comfortable, but they look good too. So, I wear those twice a week, then I have a lame ass, more casual pair of black pants that look like I'm a waitin for a flood. Then I alternate between about 4 shirts. I have some skirts and stuff, but I never like to wear those. Words of wisdom: Don't EVER get this fat, 'cause buying clothes is a bitch!

And finally, I know it's a bit premature, but I'm very excited to note that there will be NO school on Monday. Glory freaking halleluia!!! I couldn't be happier about that. It makes my Sunday oh so much more pleasant.

And finally, I'm gonna make up a "treasure hunt" to send the kids on so they can find information about their composer of the month, which is Mozart, for anyone interested. However, I'm far to unclever to think up fun rhymes to make them search in specific places. Anyone got any suggestions?

Well, that's all for me. I think I'll run over to my sis with the gigantor entertainment center house during my break today and see if any inspiration hits me for the remaining empty shelves.

Love and bunnies


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