January 27, 2004 | 9:16 a.m.
<- Average Joe can kiss my bum! ->

Done with my 5th and 6th graders, now is my LONG break before the kindegartners. I LOVE Tuesdays at school, so little teaching, so much free time.

Ok, I MUST discuss last nights tv viewing and the utter livid, pissed offness it caused me. I'm speaking of "Average Joe" folks. Words can't begin to describe my HATRED and anger towards the asses at NBC for their meanness. Nor do words describe my disgust for the LOSERS that call themselves the hot guys. They were so incredibly rude, smug, arrogant, overall JERKS. I haven't liked Larissa as it is, Melena was sooo much better, but Larissa just got worse in my eyes. She showed what a totally shallow ho bag she really is. Needless to say, I simply refuse to watch that show EVER again. Even when Adam comes back, whom I happened to adore! I just have no patience for a show to purposely make people look stupid and make them feel bad about themselves. UGH!

In other news, AI is tonight, excited about that. Also excited about the Bachelorette AND Apprentice. Go reality TV. Of course I have to tape all of this, since I'm always teaching during those times, but whatever.

In other, other news, school went smashingly yesterday, and THAT my friends is always a relief. After I get through each week I'm like, PHEW, another one down. Then I relive the terror for a day or two, deciding what to do the next week. But, we're gearing up to do a bunch of grade level shows, so that'll keep us busy, learning all the music and such.

And I'd like to say, it's so cold here I LOVE it. There was actual frost and ice on the ground this morning. Hey, BIG doins in AZ. I was actually really cold all the way to school, and my room is chilly too. It makes wearing this thermal shirt just right. Speaking of cold, I was freezing in bed all night. I accidentally left the fan on, when it's already sub zero in the house. I refuse to turn the heater on, poor Jer, he's cold all the time. He was so cute last night, I was back looking up stuff on the computer and I walked out and he was completely wrapped in blankets, sitting on the couch reading. What made it even cuter was the fact that he was actually reading. He is so not a reader. BUT, he's now all obsessed with Da Vinci Code, and actually enjoying reading. He brought the book to bed and read until 2 a.m. Luckily, I fell right asleep and was so not bothered by the light. Did I ever mention that I read Da Vinci Code in like a day and I LOVED it. That is such a great book. Anywho, also last night, I redeemed one of my coupons from the book o' love Jer gave me for Christmas. The coupon was for a long lingering kiss. Can I just say, there is nothing sexier or more romantic than just kissing, long and slow and drawn out. It does things to ya. Mmmm, mmm! I think I'll be redeeming a few more coupons. Look out Jer, I see some massages in my future. Hee hee

My birthday is Friday, I'll be 31. It seems so wierd, only because I have NOT thought about it at all. For the last 7 years I have had HUGE birthday bashses for myself. Last year being my big 30 was especially big. But this year, I'm so busy, and so tired, I can't even stand the thought of coming up with something. I think I'd much prefer a nice dinner and evening out with Jer, just the two of us, or maybe one set of our friends, but that's all. I must be getting old. No bunko this year.

My mind is wandering a lot right now. I keep having flashbacks to different periods in my life. Like the two year relationship with the guy in San Diego. When I type things like tee hee, or hehehehe or hee hee, it makes me think of him. Because we spent sooo much time talking online, it's how we met, it's how we got ot know eachother. oh my gosh, I was so crazy back then, I can't believe I did some of the things I did. But, I wouldn't trade it, it was such a learning experience, and I had a really good time. He was a good guy, just not right for me in the long run. Then I think of my at one time best friend "Kirk", we were inseperable, then I went on my mission and nothing was ever the same. I just found out that he at one time loved me, but couldn't admit it. He couldn't deal with me being fat, so he'd rather deal with sadness that he never acted on his feelings. I don't know, it's wierd. But, he doesn't talk to me anymore, there's too much between us I think. Makes me sad, but what can ya do? That seems like soooo long ago, and it was, over 10 years actually. WHOA, holy crap, over TEN years. Anyway, he was hot, and I hope he finds happiness, and soon. he needs to get married and move forward in his life.

Well, this has dragged on, I gotta run. But LOOK out folks, 'cause girlfriend has finally figured out, AND remembered how to link diaries AND sites. Yeah, I'm feelin WAY to cool for my own good now!!


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