February 17, 2004 | 12:46 p.m.
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5 minutes until the next kindegarten class comes. OF COURSE I pick now to start writing. Well, i can't help it, I was busy catching up on a couple of diaries. If you ever feel bad about your life, go read flyinby's and you'll realize that you're life is not all that bad. I'm just sayin. She puts up with sooo much, and somehow gets up every morning. I'm amazed. However, that wasn't my point in writing. This was:


My weekend was up, down and all around. Valentines was nice, as you know, and then there was Sunday. I actually had a FANTASTIC day at church. I got SO much out of it, and felt so in tune. I was happy, upbead, etc. Then, I went home. Jer had just awoken, not much before my arrival. He'd cleaned up a bit, which I thanked him for, and then I told him our Home Teacher was coming over. That did NOT please him at all. It put him in a right foul mood. So, the HT came, he's very nice, I actually knew him like 22 years ago when he lived in my ward the first time. He talked a TON, Jer looked like he was throwing daggers with his eyes, or he was totally indifferent staring into space. I was sort of embarrassed actually. But, when I told him that aftewards, he told me I was making it up, he never felt like that. Oh well. Anyway, after that, Jer was just on one, and when i confronted him about what was wrong....YIKES! It opened up a whole can of worms, suffice it to say, there was A LOT of crying on my part, a little on his part, a lot of talking, questioning, sadness, enlightenment, etc. In the end, it was all very good, but it sure was emotionally draining. When we were done talking, we went to babysit Taterpop, she's so cute! We watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I can't even begin to fathom where the money to do that comes from. But, it's absolutely amazing to watch the transformations. I can already tell though, that the shmaltziness is gonna get old. Just show me the makeovers, don't do all the sweet, make us cry stuff. Anywho, after babysitting, we went back home and had Traybay come over. It's so funny, Jer is always the one who wants her to come over, he calls and invites her and then ALWAYS disappears into the other room, leaving Tray and I to talk. She even commented on that on Sunday. He's so wierd like that. Anyway, she came, I made a MOUND of nachos, we ate until we were sick, and talked, and talked. Finally watched the rest of a movie and some telly, and then she went home. I was sooooo tired, it felt good to go to bed.

Monday was a really FABULOUS day. Wait, they're here. Ok, I'm back.

Monday was gloriously NO SCHOOL! Those words bring SUCH joy to me. We met up with Pude & Peter, I&J for lunch at Red Robin. We laughed our booties off at lunch, yep, left 'em right on the booth. After lunch we ran by the mall so Pudge could pick up a game, and then we went to their house to play Apples and Apples. Anyone ever played that game? It was sooo fun. I think we laughed too much if that's possible. We played for hours, until I&J finally had to go and relieve their babysitter. Then, Jer and I stayed at Pudge and Peters to watch our reality shows. In the course of this leaisurely and lazy day, I decided that my students at school would be treated to a video day. Yeah, you read it right. Actually, I lost my voice and I'm JUST getting it back, so I didn't want to force it trying to teach songs and concepts today. So, they're watching videos of play versions of Annie, Oliver or South Pacific. But, I digress. So, we had a GREAT day with our friends, and once again I'm reminded how lucky I am to have such fun, wonderful friends. When we got home, I sent Jer in first to scare away any possible mice trying to play in our pitchblack house. Thankfully none were found. After a quick facewash, pick up of the house and a kiss attack, I went to bed. Jer was doing something on the computer, but I was wiped. After just an hour of sleep, I woke up coughing my head off and my lungs exploding. It was ridiculous, I couldn't breathe. So, I got up, got a drink, took some medicine and went back to bed. It was so BEAUTIFUL. I woke up this morning in the exact position I fell asleep in, and when my alarm went off, I didn't know what it was. THAT my friends is a sign that I actually had real, and restful sleep. I was sad I actually had to get up, but I did and I was on time to school. I'm beginning to amaze even myself these days. I LOVE Tuesdays and the spread out schedule. I started a new voice student this morning. Her parents own the school I work for, so her Mom had no problem having her come to the school. She's anice girl, good potential.


When I was done with the new student, I headed over to my friend Salines house. I had to return some costume pieces to him, seeing as he'd outfitted everyone in my family for the murder/mystery game. He lives next door to the school, so I've taken to going to his house on Tuesdays during my break to watch Starting Over and take a nap or whatever. I had a nice nap AND lunch there today. Seriously, people are so nice to me.


These cute kiddies are watching Annie right now and they're being sooooo good. I love this afternoon class.

Well, I guess that'll be all for now. Toodle loo my friends, have a good one.


By the way, SO not looking forward to my evening of teaching, all I WANT to do is watch American Idol, is that so much to ask?

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