February 19, 2004 | 10:32 p.m.
<- Boo on being funny ->

I've come to an important conclusion:

EVERYONE is funnier than me! It's disturbing really, and yet the diary speaks for itself. Seriously, I just read Weet's latest entry, and while I thought all those same things about Queer Eye, I just would never have come up with such a clever way to say it. Whatever, I'm over it.


Wednesday was sooooooo GREAT! Wait, back up<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

I did NOT get to see American Idol on Tuesday. Our freaking VCR records but then will NOT play nice. It distorts the sound and picture and mostly 'causes Jer to have a stroke. So, I saw the big football player suck, and sorta heard the scary biker girl sing Norah Jones and look REALLY boring, and that was it. I feel soooo left out. I cannot stand with the masses and make fun of Noel and Jesus Roman for sucking and wondering HOW they ever got there. I have no idea how good that Hawaiin girl can or cannot sing, I know NOTHING. It's painful really. And the MOSt painful part is this, there will be NO Tuesday EVER where I actually get to watch American Idol. Blast teaching. And tirade is over.

Wednesday, as it turns out, I didn't have to teach the third graders as they were off on a field trip. So, I pawned my ONE afternoon class off on their teacher and at 10:15 blissfully headed home. But there were detours to be had. Stopped at the bank, and wouldn't ya know, right next to the bank was a big carwash. Seeing as my car hasn't seen a proper washing since August, I simply couldn't ignore the divine providence working in my favor. I also needed an oil change, so I signed up for one of those. So, with the oil job, the upgraded wash, with the special hand waxing, I was looking at 45 bucks, THIS I could deal with. Of course, right away they're calling my name and telling me that I should really do a fuel injection flush, so I asked how much, he told me 19.99. This seemed fairly cheap, so I thought about it a mo and said, OK, go for it. Now, do the math with me, I"m now up to 65 bucks, again, not thrilling, but I s'pose doable. Well, an HOUR later when they finally called my name, I confidently approached the counter to pay but there were problems people! The guy pushes the bill at me and it's for 110 dollars. EXCUSE ME? I kindly asked WHY was it so high. He pointed out the engine flush for 39.99 on top of the fuel injection flush. I calmly said, you NEVER told me about an engine flush. He said he did, and I said, even IF you did, you NEVER said anything about 39.99, because I can GAURANTEE you that if you EVER said that much money, I would have said, NOT IN A MILLION YEARS! He knew he was wrong, he felt stupid. So, he took more money off. He should have taken the whole thing off, and if I was cool and bitchy I would ahve made him. But, I took the further discount and went with it. So, needless to say, I ended up spending WAY more than I planned. On the upside, the car looked real pretty all shiny and clean. After finally leaving there, I went and did the dreaded deposit for the parentals, paid all their bills and FINALLY got that done. Then it was running to the postoffice, bank, utility place and quick Taco Bell. I felt soo productive. I was more than ready to come home, do a cleanup and rest a bit before the students began arriving. Taught all afternoon, it was not bad at all. And this leads me to......

BACHELORETTE! I love this show, for no good reason. And I think Matt is adorable, and Ian is sexy. But, Ian seems shady and little emotionally distant, Matt is a keeper. I felt bad for Chad, he looked a little retarded with the whole kiss thing. Poor guy. I was happy I got to watch the whole thing, no taping, no interruptions, just watch.


Today was lovely, weather was gorgeous, and time flew by. I taught one lesson this morning, another cancelled. Then I spent a few hours bedding shopping with Taterpops Mom. Tater looked A for adorable in her new little sun dress with matching bloomers. She was in an extra good mood and soooooo fun. We headed to the Mills, I HATE shopping and I HATE the Mills. BUT we found a nice bedding set at Linens and Things. I must say here, L and I have COMPLETELY different taste and style. She chooses things that I would NEVER in a million years want in my home. But, somehow, in the end, she makes it work for her. It's fascinating to watch her and see what she's drawn too. If left to her own devices, everything in her entire house would be brown, tan, burgundy, or brown, salmon, brown, green, or BROWN! But hey, she's super cute and funny, so I still love her.

After shopping, I came home to teach all the day away. I have great students, I really do. Just cute, fun kids that I really enjoy. And, many of them really ahve fabulous voices too. That's a bonus folks, being a voice teacher, you sometimes have to listen to really not good voices. Anyway, all in all a satisfying day.


I watched The Apprentice, Tammy the freaky talker is gone, WOO HOO! However, the show is very nearly ruined by me having to look at the smug, UGLY, bitch face of Omarosa. The fact that her team won really pissed me off. She didn't do a dang thing and she REALLY must get her butt booted to the curb, or I shall lose my mind. This is such a great show, it really is! And for the record, I don't think Troy is dishonest or conniving. The end.


Jer leaves for Chicago tomorrow, and I have to say...I'm in a good place with this. I have felt totally at peace, calm, whatever you want to call it. I'm not nervous for him, I'm not nervous about the outcome, I just know that whatever happens, it's gonna be ok. He's so cute, getting all his headshots and music and clothes together. checking and rechecking to make sure he's got all his bases covered. He's sooo excited to be going. I wish him the best of luck. But, he BETTER miss me!

I'm watching my sisters boys in the morning, not excited, not excited at all. If it was just the one that'd be fine, but i have to go pick up the sociopath kindegartner, and that is not enjoyable. Ah well, the things you do 'cause you're family, right? RIGHT!

After watching them, I'm gonna spend the day helping T&J paint their new house. Yeah, call me Sally Service, I'm racking up the points in heaven!

****Jer just chimed in that he's doing a facial mask right now. A freak of nature, I'm telling you!***** I was s'posed to be feeding the missionaries tomorrow, but that is not happeneing now. Can you even IMAGINE the points. HAHA

Well, my wrists are killing me and it's time to get ready for sleepy. I'm one tired chiquita, and my bed is calling my name!

Peace in the ghetto!

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