March 05, 2004 | 7:31 a.m.
<- It's time to get up, it's time to get up, it's time to get up this morning. ->

AAAAARRRGGHHHHHHHH!!!! I am SOOOO frustrated right now. Number ONE it's 7 freakin 30 in the morning, and I should be snuggly sleeping in my bed. Number TWO, Jer's work just called and offered him a nearly 8 hours shift. He REFUSES to wake up and even call them back. This after he was only given 9 hours at work this week. This after last night when he threw down a HUGE fit with his boss yesterday about his lack of hours. This after he begged them to please ALWAYS call him first when shifts are available. Now, I FULLY realize that it sucks to be woken up so early in the morning (I heard the call, not him, and he's PISSED at me for even thinking of waking him to tell him about it) and when you're not planning on doing anything and suddenly the idea of going to work is there, it's not all that appealing. BUT, when you've ONLY worked NINE freaking hours that week, I don't think it's really that much to ask. Step up to the f'ing plate and take the call. GO TO WORK! Do something to help financially. This happens almost EVERY time they call him to see if he'll cover a shift. He NEVER wants to do it, even though he asks them to call. He has no freaking sense of responsibility to me and to our financial situation. The only time he feels it is when I bring it up. I'm sick of working my freaking ass off all the time and him sitting at home watching movies and his tv shows all day and hanging out, not working. Again, i realize, if you're only scheduled 9 hours, that's all your scheduled, it makes for A LOT of down time. However, it is my belief that he should be actively seeking opportunities with other stores, seeing if they need any hours covered. But no, it's just "woe is me, I get no hours, but screw you if you try to give me some I'm not planning on." A few weeks ago he worked nearly 32, because a couple of people called for him to cover their shifts. It was only after a huge fight that he took them. He had no idea how to act, he actually worked almost a full time schedule. He was just "so tired". It was amazing, simply amazing. He had no time to talk, no time to care about me, he just needed to sleep because he'd worked so hard that week, he was soooo tired. SCREEEEEEEEEAAAAAAMMM!!!! Wake your lazy ass up and go to work. This is NOT asking for too much. I will NEVER feel bad, no matter what kind of fit he throws. No matter how angry he gets at me for asking him to call in. He IS in the wrong, I am not!

And all I wanted to do was actually sleep on my ONE F'ing day off this week.

Ok, wish I could say I was feeling better after the rant, but since it's unresolved and his lazy ass is STILL laying in bed, I'm just more bugged. OY!

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