March 07, 2004 | 9:49 p.m.
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No time or energy to write a real update. But, suffice it to say, all is well between Jer and I. We had a really good talk that day and came to a couple of understandings. I still believe he should go to work when called, and that won't change, but I understand his reasoning a little better now. We've had a great couple of days, and I had to write that in here, lest anyone think I was still raging at him.

Performed last night at the state Jr. Miss pagaent, it went REALLY well. It felt SOOOOO good to be back on a stage. I haven't stood on a stage, held a mike and performed in well over a year. I didn't know I missed it so much. I'm planning on auditioning for a musical next week. Just a little nervous, 'caues it's been forever, and I really feel like I'm beyond too fat to be cast in anything. I need to take care of myself.

Well, gotta plan for school tomorrow.

Ta ta

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