March 19, 2004 | 12:46 a.m.
<- 1 a.m. and the fat rolls on ->

It's 1 a.m., I'm eating fritos, and my husband is weight watchers obsessed. What is wrong with this picture?

Jer worked ALL day today, and he has to work ALL day tomorrow, so he went to bed. Me? I'm living the life of leisure, and I don't have to wake up early tomorrow. Oh wait, every Friday is like that. BOO HOO! Spring Break is dead to me, it's over! How did this happen? I say, let's start a revolution...spring break shall hence forth and always be, TWO WEEKS! yeah, I think it's a good idea!

I had the rather misfortune to find out that AOL has been double charging me for NEARLY a year. The dirty bastards, they have profited off of me and my poor ass for a year! And you wanna know all they're gonna refund me, a whopping 60 bucks! I'm disturbed by this, and yet don't know how to win the fight. On the upside, my actual monthly fee from now on, was reduced by 10 dollars, so that's a good thing.

Just found a ridiculously funny diary, and I'm sure everyone else already knows about it, so bare with me. Please, by all means, go and read THIS GUY you won't regret it. His album covers are, well, wear the depends, and brings some extra toilet paper, 'cause you'll wet your panties.

Mmmmmm, my fritos are good. Sometimes, fritos are just a real tasty treat!

Went to lunch yesterday with two of my favorite girlfriends, Galinda and Janequa. We went to Sweetcakes, which is just the cutest little sandwhich shop on main street. Jer was there too, 'cause he can't stand me goin out with my girls and having fun. He likes to be smack dab in the middle of it all. It turned out ok, but really, sometimes I wish he'd just let me go and not pout about how I'm gonna have fun without him. Anywhozle, the lunch was grand, and they have snickerdoodles to die for! YUM! Ok, I need an intervention, I just enjoy food too much! And now Jer is all gung ho on weightwatchers, which I'm proud of him for, but I'm the one that is too fat for words. We never seem to have motivation going on at the same time. We're so retarded that way.

Would you believe I still haven't filed all the pile of crap at the parentals? Yeah, I know, it's not that shocking! I DID however finally accomplish paying the bills and doing the deposit. My Dad had another fat check from some land deal. It's always fun when I deposit a ridiculous check for thousands and thousands of dollars. I like to pretend it's for my bank account. Sadly, it's not and I can only dream of having htat much money.

I've spent a good deal of time over at my sisters house, helping her decorate and rearrange her boys rooms. They're coming along quite nicely. Although, tonight, we took matters and drills into our own hands, and while we netted some fine results....one wall is still deciding if it'll ever forgive us or not. Really, a big apology to the north wall, I couldn't help it, J measured wrong.

In all of reality tv'dom, Christine and Omarosa still suck the most! There are black spots on my heart towards them. May they get a smattering of adult acne. The end.

SOOOOOO happy that that stupid Leah Labelle got her arse kicked to the curb on American Idol. I regained a fraction of faith in the american public for getting that one right. However, what they didn't get right is, leaving that stupid, eyelash batting George Huff in the running, and that HORRIBLE John Stevens and his creepy vibrato and ugly lack of presence still going. It's ok America, I'll try to let you redeem yourself next week. And could we please stop predicting that that horrible, Macy Gray creepy wannabe, Fantasia Borino is gonna win. PLEASE America, wake up, don't let this happen. Dianna Digarmo was by far the most on pitch, joyful, best performance of that night. She is gifted, let her win! I still love Amy Adams, even though she's scared to death and doesn't let loose. I'm just saying, in my humble I'm a teacher of singing, and a vocalist opinion....they're two of the best singers. And there, now I'm done. Because in rereading that last sentence, I sound like a diva bitch, and I'm embarrassed. Ok, I'm over it.

End Scene.

I just went and checked on Jer, he's sleeping soundly, breathing in and out, and it's cute. He was worried that he was gonna die in his sleep, 'cause the dimwit decided to go exercise full out hard core. This, in spite of the fact that he has not done ONE thing to elevate his heart rate/exercise, etc. in well over a year. So boom, out of nowhere, he jumps on the treadmill and walks like a mad man for 20 straight minutes, until he was gonna pass out. And, he's wondering why he was lightheaded and his heart felt like it might explode. I had to gently remind him that he's a big man and needs to work up to this level of exercise. That's like me the first time I went to the gym in a hundred years. I thought I could scoot my fat ass around the raquet ball court like a pro. UH UH! It was downright ugly, me huffing, puffing, wheezing and dying. I paid for it later. However, in some small way my heart thanked me. And, it'll thank me again, when I start exercising and stop eating fritos at 1 a.m. yeah, I know, I really do! So, anyway, he's ok, he's still breathing and sleeping and not dead. This is a good thing, 'cause I'd be REALLY, REALLY sad and freaked out if he tried to leave me like that. Ok, eww, morbid topic. I'm over it now!

I've been taking Claritan D, it seriously works. Thank you pharmasutical gods for allowing that to be over the counter. It's so great to be able to breathe, and to be over the cough, and MOST of the phelgm is gone. There is once again sunshine in my soul.

Well, I think I'm gonna bring this bad boy to an end. It's been a rater rambly, no form sort of entry. But, I just feel good about myself for actually writing.

Catch ya later!

Oh, and for the record, I'm HIGHLY disappointed in you peoples. NOONE has signed my guestbook since my shameless plea. I'm HURT! Thanks for the UNLOVE! BOO HOO!

One final note....tomorrow is my used to be best friends birthday. I don't know what happened, but one year he just decided to stop talking to me. But, I still love him, he's a good guy, just needs to pull it together and get married. Anywho, happy birthday Kirkadoodle! Hope it's a good one!

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