March 15, 2004 | 12:11 p.m.
<- Doritos suck and so does Christine, however Spring Break doesn't suck! ->

Sometimes...doritos are just gross! I can't explain why. Why somedays they are a food gift from God, and others, they just taste like butt. Today is a butt day. Too bad, because.........


The happiness that is me, sitting in my ratty jammies at 12:15 in the afternoon, after reading some diaries, reading my e-mail, watching Starting Over, talking to my sis on the phone, eating some cereal. Oh yeah, this is enjoyable. AND, the knowledge that I don't have to teach anyone today. I DO however have to get ready, because my sis wants me to go with her to pick out new carpet. OY! I should be over at my parentals house filing the mountain of paperwork I've created over the last year of not filing. I'm so not looking forward to that, I'm scared of it actually. But alas, duty calls, and I WILL have to do it. I won't have any other time before they get home to accomplish this monumental task. ::shivers::

So, I listened to my sad husband cry and rant, and all I COULD do was listen. He got much out of his system, and I assured him once again that I love him no matter what. I know it's not fixed, we've GOT to get him some medication. But at least he calmed down, and had a better night. In fact, me being the domestic diva that I am of late...I whipped up some of my delectible meatloaf, a fabulous gourmet salad and some rolls and we had ourselves a tasty dinner.

After dinner we went over to some friends house for a gathering. It was fun to be with those friends, we don't often hang out with them anymore. We had some good laughs, sang some songs (yes we are that retarded) ate yummy brownies and had some good conversation. These particular friends are sex obsessed, so somehow the conversation always goes there. I wish it wouldn't, 'cause sometimes I just don't need to know those things about ya. WOW! Anyway, we stumbled home around 2:00 this morning. WOW was I tired! I had fallen asleep on their couch while Jer and T talked, Lala had fallen asleep on the floor. Anyway, because Jer woke me up and then took forever leaving because he was STILL talking, I got really grumpy. I was so tired, and half asleep, that by the time we were driving home, I "hated" him. Everything he said or did, I wanted to be mean and ugly. So, I just kept my mouth shut. When we got home, I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth, and he wanted to get by to go potty. I gave him an ugly look, he asked what was wrong. I informed him that I was tired and VERY GRUMPY, therefore everything he did bugged me and made me mad at him, it wasn't his fault so just ignore me. He laughed and said, ok, one last thing, I love you. Then,he finished his pee and went to bed. I can be quite emotioanlly hard to live with at times too.

I had a good sleep, although for the last week, my dreams have been obsessed with alternate endings. Meaning, my mind keeps coming up with alternate ways to end this, or end that, and it just doens't make any sense. It's driving me crazy, because I'm thinking to hard in my sleep. Can't a woman just get some pure, unadulterated, uninterupted sleep? Seriously!

I got up and watched Starting Over, not even Jer got up for it this morning. Anyway, Christine sucks rocks and I SERIOUSLY hope they follow through and kick her off the show!!! PLEASE!!!!

Ok, I'm finally ready to attack that LIST I made two entries back.

Item number 4 was...I'm auditioning for a show on Saturday. WELL, the said show is "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change" and it's freaking hysterical. This is the first time I've auditioned in nearly 2 years, it felt wierd and a little scary. However, I went up there and had fun and rocked the house. The voice totally cooperated, and I wore my new shirt which is the ONLY thing in my entire closet that makes me feel at ALL good. So, Jer and I made the show, I'm excited. I'm gonna be sooo tired, since rehearsals are every night of the week. So, I'll go straight from school to teaching to rehearsal and then start all over again. But, in the end, it'll be worth it!!!

Well Jer finally awoke from his beauty slumber and is now diverting my attention. Must go.

Tra la la la la

Hey FEEL FREE to meander on over to my guestbook and write me a little sumpin sumpin. A congrats on your vocal amazingness would be fine, or even a congrats on making the show, or perhaps a congrats on all your linkage today. I'd be happy with a hey, read your entry and enjoyed it. SO GO WRITE ME SOMETHING, it's lonely and empty over there.

**Special thanks to Jer who helped me with all my links today.**

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