April 14, 2004 | 9:50 a.m.
<- Must get.......sleep ->

I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TIRED! It's freaking me out really. For three days straight, I've been at the point where I'm falling asleep teaching a lesson, falling asleep every time I sit down. Or actually, it's that horrible, illusion of sleep. Where you can just about feel the joy of slumber, but you know you CAN'T fall asleep, because you're in class, or talking to someone, or DRIVING. I just want a BED! Part of it is I'm not getting to bed early enough, but it feels like there is more to it as well. Usually I can get hyped enough, pepped up enough just getting ready in the morning. I can usually get by on adrenaline. But not this week, it's taken everything in me to get ready, and even to get to school. I've been BARELY on time all three days. And what makes me saddest...I have to teach after school today until 8:00 and then go straight to rehearsal until 10:00. I know, cry me a freaking river.

It hasn't helped that yesterday and today, during my down time, I've had a student in here testing. It's Stanford 9 time around here, and since I'm one of the "specials" we get to take in students who can't test in a normal environment, or who have special ed needs. I'm lucky, I only have one little boy, and he's doing a really good job, but still....all this time to just sit only makes my tiredness worse. I'm not gonna lie, I put my chair in a corner, behind a cabinet for about 10 minutes and took a power nap. I feel only slightly better. Then he finished a section, I got up, got him ready for his next section, and got him some kleenex for his seriously runny nose. So, I'm a little more awake. I can't read any diaries though, 'cause reading puts me RIGHT to sleep.

OOOPSY! Poor kid, he just looked up in a panic and asked if we could start the timer over. He'd been marking the answers in the wrong section. I helped him move the answers to the right section and erase the others. I felt like such a cool teacher right then, helping him make SURE he was doing the right thing, like by actually writing out the math problems and not guessing the answer. SHEESH!


Alrighty, I'm much more awake now, but I'm afraid my typing might be really disturbing, so I'm gonna be brief here.

Jer was able to pick up 2 extra shifts at work this week, THAT'S a blessing!!!


UBER good news of the day, my little red P.O.S car that just keeps on chugging is fixed! As it turns out, it was only a belt, a mere pittance to fix. I'm soooooo happy. We're back to a two car family, no worries. I'm sure Jer is bummed, he WANTS us to have to buy a new car. But, our budget does NOT allow for such things. NOt anytime soon anyway.


What is up with American Idol being cancelled last night? So freaking irritating. NOW, I'm gonna have to try to stay awake long enough to watch it tonight when we get home. And REALLY, if they think the elimination show is gonna compete with the FINAL APPRENTICE, they're confused! How excited am I to see that final on Thursday. TEE HEE!


Dear Joyce -

I love Law & Order nearly as much as you. Can you please tell me why freakin SVU on Tuesday nights has shown the same FREAKING mom shook her baby to death show, THREE Times in about 3 months? When that started last night, I was just pissed. Look into that would ya?


Dear Bravo -

How much do I love you and your Queer Eye. Furthermore, how much do I love the new show "Showbiz Parents", holy freaks of nature! I don't care what you say lady, putting your baby in pageants since she was 12 mos. old IS wrong. It's NOT because this 4 year old WANTS to be spray tanned, slathered in makeup and have her hair bouffanted to the sky, it's because you get some sick thrill from your child being a beauty queen at 4. Please let children just be children, that's all I'm asking. And to Duncan, give up the dream, you're forcing your family to live YOUR dream. And frankly, you're so Corky St. Clair it's beyond comical!!



P.S. Bravo, thank you for having MiZ Barbara on Inside the Actors Studio this week. ::hugs to you::


Well, my little boys time is up, now I must send him to the office while his class finishes up. I don't want the third graders to come, it means I"m going to have to think. My brain isn't up for thinking.


I'm sending special love to flyinby for all the trauma she's going through. Seriously people, whatever your beliefs/faith, etc. Send your prayers and positive karma her way. She's facing some TOUGH decisions in her life!


I think I'll have a nap for lunch. Mmmm, that sounds good!

Alrighty then, I must be off!

Naps and nachos-


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