May 12, 2004 | 2:49 p.m.
<- The one where I' m NOT dead ->

Not dead, just EXTREMELY exhausted! I seriously haven't had 2 seconds to do anything. I've been living on about 4 hours of sleep per night. So not good for the vocal CHords (read like choo choo).

Show has come together fabulously, now let's hope an audience shows up. Had final dress last night, went awesome. Well, other than the final scene where Jer and I completely lost it and had our own Carol Burnett moment, you know, where Harvey and Tim would laugh at eachother through an entire skit. Yeah, well the audience was laughing soo freaking hard at us, that we broke and couldn't get it under control. WE ended up ad libbing half the scene. Then, we finally get to the song, and it's going well, until I skip an entire verse. It was funny, yet so NOT. Hopefully we'll have it together for our real opening night.

Kids program is this Saturday, it's gonna be really cute. But WOW, it's been a lot of exhausting work!!! Will be sure to write about it all when I get a chance.

I'm so looking forward to Friday morning when I don't have to wake up early and don't have to rush somewhere.

Ok, must go, student will be here soon!

Later friends,


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