May 31, 2004 | 12:05 a.m.
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WHELL, my fantastic laziness has won out yet again. It's been nearly 4 days since my last entry and I've had plenty of opportunities for an update. As you may note, it's Midnight, and I just sat down to do a little diary reading. I decided I'd BETTER write immediately or another day would go by without an update. I don't know why, I just have issues with actually writing in my own diary. OY!!!!

Ok, a quick day by day of this week since Wed.

Thurs. I spent the whole day making a new friend. It was a freaking AWESOME day for me. I had the opportunity to help her in a time of need. She's going through some difficult times right now, and the fact that I was able to be of some comfort and help to her at all, just made me so happy. I didn't know her in person until Thursday. I was a little nervous about showing up on her doorstep, but it all worked out beautifully. She's such a beautiful person inside and out and I just hope that someday soon she'll be able to recognize that. Her oldest daughter was home, and SUCH a cutie!! I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and look forward to more visits in the future. I finally had to run at about 2:30, since I needed to get home get ready and head out for the show. At about 5:15 we headed for the theatre and checked out our new spacing issue. HOLY CRAP it was CLOSE to the audience. We tested a few of our numbers to see how it was gonna work with the new close quarters. It was tight, but it worked. We had a jam packed house that night, and the show went FABULOUSLY!! Truly, it was just such a blast to perform. After the show we headed to Fridays to eat with friends. I had to make Davey, my favorite waiter feel bad because he didn't come see my show. He knew he was in trouble. Good thing he loves us, we get free stuff and I love it! At about 12:30 that night we headed to my students graduation party. We got a bit lost so I had to call her house. Holy crap, all the adults were totally plastered and trying to give me directions. It was "precious." I don't know, but I have some serious issues with parents throwing a graduation party for their EIGHTEEN year old children, and then supplying limitless alcohol to the party. And THEN, the adults getting completely WASTED along with the kids, and there are YOUNG children running around unsupervised. It didn't leave the best taste in my mouth, that is for sure. But, my students B & S were really happy to see me, it made them so happy that I cared enough to stop by. For that I'm grateful, otherwise, coulda done without it. We finally got home and to bed around 3 a.m. PHEW! LONG DAY!

Friday, I got up late, got ready to go visiting teaching, but my sis in law never called or came by, so I didn't know where we were s'posed to go. So, I ended up just hanging out, wasting time. I didn't accomplish workshop stuff, i didn't write in the diary, I didn't do ANYTHING. I've been so hideously lazy. That evening we went to the show to see the other cast perform for the last time. It was COMPLETELY over packed in there, so I sat on the side on the set pieces. It was an interesting way to view the show. It went well for them that night, in spite of the fact that one of the girls had broken her hand during the show on Monday night. So, on Friday she had a HUGE NEON PINK cast on her hand. I think she did remarkably well considering. Of course we went out after the show, it was our "cast party." Suesue bought everyones food and drinks. WOW! It was nice, and we had a good time. Everyone came over to our house after eating so they could change into their swimsuits. We went to Jers moms hottub for some late night frollicking. Mostly, I fell asleep on the pool deck while they kept running between the pool and hottub. I really hate hottubs to tell you the truth. They're too freakin hot. And frankly, I'm a wuss and the pool is too cold to get into until about July. So, finally, we made it home and into bed around 3 a.m.

Saturday, TALK ABOUT LAZY. My sis spent the night at our house Friday night because her husband and boys were up at his parents house for the weekend. She and Jer stayed up until 5 a.m. crazy fools. But I'm not lying when I say, we did NOTHING the entire day. We watched TV, took naps, hung out, that's it. We were non productive citizens. Finally at about 3:30 I got in the shower. Then it was a race to get ready, get to the nail place and buy gift certificates for our directors gifts and get to the theatre to set it all up for our final night. You'll be pleased to know we got it ALL accomplished. The show was again, completely OVERBOOKED and FULL. My new friend came, and I was so happy she could make it. SHe NEEDED some time away from her life to just laugh. I feel so bad though, because she got lost on campus and had to wander around til she found it. Mind you she's like 9 1/2 months pregnant and did NOT need to be walking around needlessly. I felt HORRIBLE that I hadn't given her better directions. But the good news is, she found it and she loved the show. I was a bit sad that it was our final show. Four performances were NOT enough. It's just too much fun to do, and gratifying as well. There is talk about extending the show, but right now that's ALL it is, just talk. We need to find a new venue for it, since we have to have the space cleared for kids workshop. So, who knows if we'll be able to find a suitable venue? Strike went amazingly quick, and smoothly. The kids show cast came in and make QUICK work of the whole thing. We were outta there by about 11:15. Then of course it was another late night eatout at Fridays. I can safely say, I won't be eating at Fridays any time soon. I think I've outdone myself. WOW! When we finally finished there and I got home, it was nearly 2 a.m. I washed my face and FELL into bed. I had crazy wierd dreams all night. Dreams about my sis and Jer, and I wasn't too fond of them. Unfortunately, my body hurts from head to toe. I REALLY need an adjustment and I don't know WHEN I'll be able to fit that in. My neck is KILLING me as well as my back, kidneys, knees and feet. I can actually feel my body alignment and how off it is. So, no amount of sleeping or laying around feels good. I'm a baby, I'm aware of this, but still, when you feel like shit, you feel like shit.

Today, well I'm sad to say, I was too lazy again. My sis didn't end up driving up to the in laws because she woke up late and she was really tired. So, we just hung out all day. Watched TV, took naps, read magazines, etc. This means, I missed church AGAIN. I'm not proud of this fact. I've allowed Jer to win, which isn't even that fair. I've just allowed myself to go with that excuse, well, he's not going, and it's easy to stay home. It's not his fault, I can make my own decisions and I made bad ones. So, I WILL be there next week, excuses are OVER! My poor sis is sooooooooo bored, she NEVER has a day where she just sits and does nothing. And now she's had two in a row, she's losing her mind. Tomorrow I plan on getting MUCH accomplished. I did finally get my wordsheet for my small ensemble done, and then I broke out the Teen number and put a little thought into the inspirational. I just feel SO blah about everything. However, this is SO par for my course. I tend to put EVERYHTING off until the final moment. It all works out, but I wish I weren't such a procrastinator.

Looks like I'll be directing "The Secret Garden" at MCC in the fall. SHUTUP, it's true. We had big discussion about it at the table at Fridays last night. It's Suesues favorite show, and happens to be in my top 2. At first she wanted to do Sound of Music, and I was like, UMMM NO! It involves too many children, and that's difficult to work with when you're doing a college show and rehearsals are during the day. So, I'm excited and also totally nervous about this whole thing. Holy pressure to succeed. And, I'll have to not teach my students for a month or two, or try to figure out how to work them around my schedule. It's gonna be crazy. BUT, it's good experience, so I must take the opportunity when it comes.

Well, there ya have it. My life in a nutshell.

Jer and my sis are watching a movie and I'm gonna post this so I can go and read other peoples diaries. I know, I really should get a life.

Tomorrow I plan to:

Clean out my purse

Write in ALL receipts to check reg

throw away all receipts

Pay bills

Clean bathroom

Finish laundry

Mop kitchen


Finish wordsheet for teen number

Work on workshop ideas

Go to party and P&L's at 3:30

Go to big FRIEND bbq at J&I's. Good times!

So, I've got a big day ahead, I really need to get off here!

Night night friends

Jimmy seems to making small improvements each day. He IS responding to the nurses commands, and recognizes those visiting him. His movements are VERY slow and deliberate, but at least he's having movement. I know that he'll continue to get better, and I'm thankful for the power of faith and prayer.

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