June 08, 2004 | 9:50 a.m.
<- I got up early for NOTHIN ->

So, I totally dragged my fat booty out of bed at 8 a.m. (went to bed at 1:30 a.m.) so I could get ready and to my first lesson by 9:30. So, I'm showering, getting ready, my stomach is totally hurting, have to stop for a break if ya know what I mean and then I'm finishing getting ready. It's just after 9 a.m. and the lightbulb goes on over my head....."DUH, student number one is NOT coming today." UGH! So, I totally could have slept for longer, but now I was up, and ready. Oh the dilemma. Actually, in a way it was a nice thing. At least I was up and I could go anywhere should I need to. I made a few phone calls that needed to happen, and now here I am. I do need to run to the grocery store, because we seriously have NOTHING in our house but rotten produce. Seirously, I don't know why I bother to buy good, healthy food, because EVERY time I buy fruit and veggies, they end up going bad. It's ridiculous really, just ridiculous. Everytime I'm throwing stuff out, I always say..."oy the money." I'm sure I throw away hundreds of dollars worth of food every couple of months. UGH!

Workshop is moving along quite nicely. Well, actually we have quite a few trainwrecks going on, but hopefully we'll iron them all out today. My small ensemble is gonna be totally cute, we just need a lot of time to run and polish it. It's our large and gender ensembles that are STRUGGLING. Good thing we're getting an hour with each of them today. Holy crap, we move to the theatre tomorrow and it's gonna be DISASTROUS!!! Here's for hoping.

Watched the Tony's. Can we discuss how much I love Hugh Jackman. That is one fine specimen of a human. AND, did you SEE those highkicks. Good hell, is there anything he CAN'T do? Ok fine, he can't get pregnant, but whatever, he's still gifted. I thought he did a great job hosting and I was VERY happy for him winning. I understand his show is not good, but HE is amazing and he carries that ENTIRE show on his back. Did NOT think Idina Menzel deserved to win, NOT at all. Even my friends who have seen Wicked said the same thing. However, she IS married to Taye Diggs, another HOT HOT man! So props to her for that! Jer was totally excited about Avenue Q winning, and I have to say....not me. I mean, there are funny things in it, and I think it's a clever concept, however, it's just TOO crude and sacreligious and foul in too many places. PLUS, I feel bad for Stephen Schwartz. That man has been ignored and rejected his whole career. He NEVER wins anything, and he's extremely talented. I really like his work! Oh well, it's all good.

Yesterday after workshop, I went and picked up a friend of Jeres (the 180 lbs. lost girl) and we went down to VYT to watch a rehearsal of Annie. My cute students are in it, so it was fun to watch. It was their first night in the theatre with costumes and lights. There was A LOT Of stopping and starting, but it was still fun to watch. I can't wait until I go to a "real" performance and see it all polished and together. Both my girls were so excited to see me, it was funny.

Three days until my Moms 60th birthday. That is so wierd, my Mom will be 60. She's far to "young" and vibrant to be "that old." Then again, that doesn't seem all that old anymore, now that I'm so "OLD" hahaha. Just found out last night, my parents are gonna come home on Sunday July 4th instead of the 5th. We're sooo excited to see them!!

Well, I'm bored with this entry, so I must be off!!!


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