August 25, 2004 | 12:49 a.m.
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Ok, so really, what would I do without Tracer? I'm truly wondering. As it's 12:50 a.m. and I'm in here typing, she's in the living room playing the piano and singing with Jer. She's always good to keep him occupied when he's bored with life in our apt. PLUS, she called before she came over tonight to see if I needed a cookie fix. Heck yeah I need a cookie fix (said with best Napoleonic voice, please keep eyes half shut while saying). She definitely has skills, like numbchuck skills and bow hunting skills and cookie buying skills. Anyway, she full on took a Mickey D's order for Ports, Lanners, Jer and Me. I mean, I REALLY needed that double cheeseburger at 11:00 p.m. ::snort:: that's funny! Anyway, it was nice of her, and the cookies were grand! As for the piano playing and singing...Jer has to sing in Stake Conference in a couple of weeks. He's over the top freaked out about it, because he feels naked singing in church. He only likes to "perform" on stage, under lights, where people can clap for him. But, he has a gift and a talent, and God gave it to him, he needs to share it in all venues. Plus, I'm sure he was asked for a reason. SO, he thought he was gonna do this one song, and he's been practicing it. But, he got a wild hair up his booty and decided he wanted to do something else. Thus the piano bar in my living room. I like the new song he's chosen, it's a good one. I'm so excited for him to sing in conference. I wonder if I'll be able to play for him. Better start practicing.

And in other news: I never did shower today. I stink like a mo fo, and I feel grubby as hell. BUT, it was so nice not to pull out the stupid blow dryer and do my hair and make up. I DID however make the guestbed with clean sheets, empty and load the dishwasher, baby sit Tater tots AND clean the bathroom, oh and do laundry. So, see, it wasn't a complete waste. Oh, oh, and I also talked to several more students and potential students and retype my student schedule. OH, and I spent a good amount of time cleaning out files on the computer. Hey, when I look at it this way, I'm not such a total loser. ::smiles smugly:: May I talk briefly about my mother. She is a FREAK. A wonderful and amazing freak, but a freak nonetheless. She is a woman who cannot, is not happy unless she's going 100 mph at all times. She refuses to watch TV or waste time on anything. MUST be working on a project, cleaning, reading, working, doing something at all times. She has no concept of wasted time. She loathes wasting time. My older sis is like that too, as is my brother. So, the question is, WHERE did I come from? I am so NOT like that. I'm all for the free time, laying around, etc. I can get uptight about things, but it's usually one wild hair at a time. I don't know, I just missed out on that gene. Ok, actually, my two younger sisters are like my mom too. ONly my younger brother and I have the lazy gene. Sad really. ::sigh:: Yeah, ok I'm over it.

Tomorrow is gonna be BUSY!! My nephew is getting dropped off at 8 a.m. for a couple of hours while his Dad is at school, then at Noon Dix and her clan show up for their 5 hour layover. THEN 2:00 is audition time for the show. I should be in auditions and determining call back stuff until at least 7 or 8:00. I'm so excited and nervous and excited and scared and excited! I'm sure I'll have to make another speechy poo to everyone that shows up. I have a few of my students auditioning, which frankly makes me nervous as hell. I just want them to be good, and I don't want them to be hurt if I don't cast them. It's such a touchy little sitch. But, I'm trusting all will work out accordingly. Oh, and did I mention that I actually have to shave my amazon rain forested legs? Yeah, that definitely adds to the load of the day.

holy crap, I stink!!! Note to self, never again with the no shower thing.

Yeah, so let's talk shop...Amazing Race shop! It was so freaking great tonight. The only thing that would have made it greater would be Collin getting thrown in jail, never to be seen again. Hello, he was the worlds biggest ASS. He seriously is gonna end up getting killed in one of these countries. Could he be any ruder to the locals? My love for Chip and Kim grew even more, as did my love for the Moms. Linda has the greatest attitude all the time. Pissed that it was non-elim, because Kami and Karli are dumb as bricks!!! Is anyone else wondering what they're gonna do, there are still 2 more non-elim rounds to go. I'm confused! Anywho, it was exciting and fun, and now I'm even more excited for next week. OH MY GOSH, who is gonna chop all their hair off? AAAAAAACCCCKK!

So my husband has randomly decided to be in Kiss me Kate in Gilbert. Yeah, apparently they need more guys, the director has worked with him before and asked him to come on down. I'm not gonna lie, I'm not real excited. That organization sucketh and has just gone more and more downhill. Furthermore, can't stand the director. But, it's Jers choice, and I don't have to be in it, so whatever. At least it's only two nights a week and Sat. mornings. Of course if he gets on Amazing Race then he'll have to drop out. hee hee

I'm wondering if that is EVER gonna happen. I mean, I think they should be hearing really soon if they're even called back for a first interview. In many ways I hope they're not, just as a matter of life and convenience. But, a small part of me would LOVE them to get on, because.....FUN!

Had to take a break for a mo, Jer came in to make a copy of his song and ask why I wasn't in there tyring to play the song for him. Then he made some lewd comment about my giant boobies. I ignored such comments, as all I can think about is my non cleanly self. Then I decided I would read him my entry thus far. Trace came in halfway through, made me feel good by saying she laughs at my entries. I love that she's like my sister. There is no awkwardness if I change my clothes, or if I happen to be sitting half clothed, or if I tell her to stop being such a heathen and come back to church. She just takes it like a champ. Yeah, she's a keeper. People ask us a lot if we're sisters. Never mind that we looke absofreakinlutely NOTHING alike. All we have going for us is that we're both fat and have red hair. Seriously, just because we're two bodacious fatties with big jugs and red hair, does this automatically make us look alike? I think not, but joe public apparently disagrees. Oh well, I'm sure there are worse things in life. But then there is this...my older sis (who is SIX years older than me) and I have been asked forever if we were twins. Ummmm NO, she's SIX, count 'em SIX years older than me. That should count for something people. Plus, I've always been fatter than her, and I have big eyes and she has squinty eyes, and I have a more defined face. Whatever, people are so retarded. On the upside, we Shum girls get from our mother, the ability to age rather gracefully. We just looke freaking old from birth, so when we're actually older, we look young. Does that make sense? My whole life people thought I was older than I was. When I was 12, people were sure I was 16, which also could be because of my amazing maturity (hahaha). So, when I hit 25, I sort of stuck there. People are always so freaked out when they learn that I'm 30. That's a good thing people, a very good thing. My mom is 60 and she looks like she's 50. Yeah, oily skin had to come in handy at some point. WOW, I'm rambling like a crazy woman!!

I flossed my teeth tonight. OUCH! I really should do that more often, I'm fully aware. But, I just don't like doing it, AND I'm sure I've never figured out how to do it properly. But, once I've done it, I always feel better about myself.

Well, I s'pose that is just quite enough thought provoking material for one night or morning, whatever. Don't be surprised if I don't write for a long time. I might have just outdone myself with two entries so close together.

Later peeps

BTW, Reva if you're reading this. Hooray BEER! I'm so happy for you and your happy life in Atlanta and the new boy and all that!

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