April 15, 2005 | 12:03 a.m.
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I realllly should've known better than to think I could actually go to bed at a decent hour. How utterly presumptuous of me, the nerve. Imagine, trying to go to bed by 11:30, Ppphhht, RIDICULOUS! With Josh Groban blasting from the i-pod, and my trachial orchestra accompanying him, I couldn't take it any longer. I gave in to the lure of the computer, the pull of diaries, blogs, canasta games, et all. But seriously, I couldn't deal with the two toned whistle my throat was giving off. Though the cough is greatly improved, today I've been losing my voice, so that seems to make for funny noises when breathing. Anywho, I'm going to present now, a day in my life. Prepare to be bored.

2:00 a.m. Went to bed
6:00 a.m. woke up to go to the bathroom
6:20 a.m. went back to bed, falling soundly asleep
8:20 a.m. awoke with a start. Never heard Jer get up, get ready for work or leave. Nephew is s'posed to be here already, where is he? Oh dear. Got up, unlocked the door, got a drink and in walked nephew. They were running late. Turned on the telly to Nickalodean for him and settled myself into the couch for our morning regimen. He watches cartoon after stupid cartoon and I float in and out of a sleep stupor for about an hour or so. No really, it works for us.
9:40 a.m. FORCE myself up and out of the couch. Must take a shower. Get side tracked by the brilliant silver gleam of the tweezers...must....tweeze....now.
10:10 a.m. finish tweezing the way to many errant hairs on my face, and scrutinzing every pore in the mirror.
10:40 a.m. emerge from the shower, dry off, get on the you knows and put on pj's. Pull out all my getting ready stuff, drag a chair into the bathroom and sit down for my getting ready routine. First put on Infusium, then comb through the hair. Blow dry the roots, then let hair sit while putting on makeup. Put on all makeup up to mascara, then brush teeth, wash hands. Put on eyeshadow, lip stick and then blow dry hair rest of the way. Rat, comb, rat, comb, spray, rinse, lather repeat. Finally ready, stand up, put away blow dryer and makeup, put chair away. Get hand mirror, look at back of hair, fix, rat, spray, etc. Take dirty clothes to bedroom, sit on bed, put lotion on feet. Get dressed, put on rings and watch, rush nephew out the door for school. Oh wait, today I gathered a bill I had to pay, an empty water bottle(5 gallon) and a check for depositing, THEN rushed nephew out the door.
11:30 drive to take nephew to school. He usually falls asleep in the car. Today I was feeling talkative, so I kept him engaged in conversation. I think he missed his little nap.
11:50 drop nephew off.
12:00 stop at the yummy bread store, buy two bags of cookies, eat a slice of their bread sample and order a delicious chicken salad sandwhich with avacado. Eat my lunch by myself and then leave.
12:20 drive through the sonic right next door for a strawberry limeade slush, hit the freeway. Eat two of the cookies while driving.
12:40 drive through the bank atm and deposit a check
12:45 stop at the Avenue and pay my bill. Look only ever so briefly at their amazing sale. sigh, not today friends, NOT today.
12:55 stop at the water and ice store and fill 5 gallon container with water. I'm a woman with needs people, a woman with NEEDS.
1:00 arrive home, lug the heave ass container inside. Begin a quick cleanup spree. Straighten whole living room, unload dishwasher, load dishwasher. Hand was a couple of items. Tidy up kitchen table, wipe down counters. Straighten up back room, refold blanket on the bed. Fill up my mamber jamber big cup with ice and water.
1:15 sit down at the computer, turn on little fan, try to stop sweating and cool down. Log on to AOL, talk to Trace, read some diaries, read about American Idol, etc. Then play canasta.
2:30 first student arrives. He is A for adorable. He calls me his therapist, and mostly likes to come and hang out with me and talk. His Mom shows up unexpectedly to give me a check, he's sprawled on the easy chair, I'm sitting on piano bench, we're chatting. It was funny. I always tell him I feel guilty that we don't sing more, but hey, he does what he wants.
3:00 go over to bro and sis in laws to visit my adorable Tater tot. She was really sick yesterday, but today, CHIPPER and hyper as can be. Not so much can be said for bro who is sporting a 102 fever, and sis in law who is sneezing, wheezing and coughing her way to oblivion. Hung out in their bedroom on their big chair while she clothes shopped and Tater entertained us all.
3:30 called student to see what she had called me for. Brief chat, phone died.
4:00 next student showed up. She was distraught with l ife this day, she laid on my couch and spilled her sorrows. I sat on the chair and listened, and gave her encouragement, etc. I love my students, some I'm definitely closer to than others.
4:30 next student, DEFINITELY there to sing and nothing else. Love him though, he's a sweetheart.
5:00 next student, she just wanted to look for some music, had been sick all week, wasn't ready to sing. Cripes, this day is EASY!!
5:20 sister calls looking for Jer, and to remind me I needed to do my damned taxes. BAH!
5:30 new student starts. She's a sweet girl. I give her my whole shpeil on what to expect, blah, blah, blah. We do some exercises, I have her sing for me, etc.
6:00 next student, another that just likes to hang out. Not a great voice, never will be, it's a struggle. She comes from a family of PHENOMENAL singers, and she got the short end of the stick. We worked on a solo she wants in choir, talked about school dances, etc.
6:30 no student, so I had a snack of tortilla chips and sourcream mixed with salsa. Delish. Though the chips burn my chapped lips something fierce.
7:00 last student, woo hoo! She was late, a funny 12 year old that is ALL "like oh my gosh, totally" kind of girl. She filled me in on the haps, and then we sang through her new song a few times.
7:30 locked the door behind last student, stripped of my clothes and bra, 'cause I could take the restriciton NO LONGER! Put on my lounge around the house swimsuit cover shirt thing and ate 2 cookies.
8:00 started to watch CSI, but then decided to wait a few minutes so I could just fast forward through it. Sort of fell asleep on and off.
8:15 started watching CSI, it was a totally strange episode. I'm not sure how I feel about it. But, there were certainly some en"grossing" moments to be sure.
8:45 a knock at my door. Who could this be? It was our friend C, he was dropping off the stools and table we used in the show, and all our playbills that we used to decorate the wall. Behind C was T and they ended up staying for nearly an hour chatting. I told them I had American Idol taped on my DVR, so they sat down for a looksee. I was pleased as punch to have them there, love their company and all, but I was a little stuck. See, C was just dropping the stuff and leaving, so I only have this long shirt thing on, no bra, and you can see from about mid thigh down. So, I had sat on the couch and put a pillow over me. Well, when they ended up staying, I couldn't move, 'cause I'd have to stand up and they'd see more than they needed to. So, me, my big boobies and all their braless glory were just kickin it with the boys.
9:40 they leave, I get up and lock the door behind them. Decide maybe I'm hungry, put a pizza in the oven. Watch the rest of CSI.
10:00 Pizza and CSI are done. I eat the pizza and watch an episode of Divine Design and then House Hunters.
10:15 remember to put the whites in the wash.
10:30 eat two more cookies
10:50 sitting on the couch watching house hunters, Jer comes home from his show. Start talking to him.
11:00 wash my face, go to the bathroom, get ready for bed.
11:30 Go to bedroom, lay in bed, talk to Jer for a few minutes. He promptly falls asleep and I'm left listening to my loud windpipe and my thoughts.
12:00 a.m. meander into computer room and begin this long boring piece. There you have it, one GLAMOURS day in the life of als-pals.

In other news, flyinby is finally going through with some very difficult decisions and I'm just so proud of her. This is a very hard time, and I want her to know she is being thought of and prayed for by many. Please keep her in your thoughts!!

Alright then, my arms are tired of typing and trying to reign in my giant knockers at the same time.

Later peeps!

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