July 30, 2005 | 11:42 a.m.
<- The gastric, she is done! ->

Wow how quickly time flies! I'm officially on the other side, and holy CRAP am I in pain. This part of gastric sucks the big one, but I just have to keep reminding myself that this too shall pass.

So, July was busy with doc appointments, pre-op testing, family vacay and all that jazz. All went well! The family vacay was FABULOUS. My Dad rented 2 cabins up in Greer, AZ and we revelled in the gorgeous cool, cold weather in the pines. We played sooo many games, ate fabulous food, laughed and laughed and had the greatest time. I started liquid diet on my last morning there, and then drove home with Troy, it was delightful. Had full liquid for 3 days before the surgery, was STARVING to death and going nuts. But, I did it. Surgery day came, got up, got ready and Jer and I headed to the hospital. Everything was going fine, until it was discovered my doc was WAY behind. I was s'posed to go into surgery around 11:30, instead I went in closer to 1:30. My anasthesiologist was HOT, and had a cool accent. He took great care of me. Recovery was sucky, much pain, couldn't breathe well, back hurt like a bitch. Apparently, on a scale of 1 - 10, the doctor told my fam I was a 9. One of his most difficult surgeries in a long time. My surgery took nearly 4 hours, and they're normally 2. SHEESH!. But, he says everything is fine, and I should recover as normal as everyone else. So, I finally got into a room somewhere near 6:30 p.m. and then family and friends started coming. I have such GREAT friends and family. So many came to spend some time with me, laugh, rub my back, hang out, etc. I was doing some laps around the halls that night, not feeling too bad. Jer spent the night in the hospital, on the floor. Bless his heart, it wasn't the best night of his life. But, I seriously could NOT have done it without Jer there. He was WONDERFUL, helping me however he could. The care of the nursing staff is NOT the greatest there, they're are not very attentive. So, good thing people were around to ride their asses and get me and my roommate the things we needed. Anyway, day 2 in the hospital was AWFUL. The pain was more than I could take at times, and I had had so little sleep, I was not happy. My mom came and spent most the day there with me, so Jer could go home, get some sleep, shower, etc. He came back around 5:00, my Mom stayed until 7:00, and then she and DAd left. I slept more that day, which was good.
Anyway, Friday morning came and I took a shower, how FABULOUS!!!! Jer had to help me, and if that isn't true love, I don't know what is. I can't bend below my belly, so you get my drift. After my shower, the doc came and said I could go home. So, I got ready, packed up and waited for my Mom to come so I could ride in her van. I couldn't get in and out of my car. Had to go down for some final x-rays, it was HORRIBLE!!! They made me lay down on a totally flat table, with no support or help for me to get down. Ever tried to do that when you have NO stomach muscles working. It hurt so bad I thought I would die. I cried like a baby. THEN, they expected me to get back up again. I couldn't do it. It took three of them to push and pull me up. Needless to say, I was traumatized and cried a bunch. But, by 11:30 I was on the road home. We went to my Mom's house so i could hang out there. Jer went home to shower, I hung out on the couch. Tater tot brought me BEAUTIFUL roses, and then asked if my tummy was a little bit sore. I said yes, and she told me she couldn't touch it. Then she wanted to help me drink my water, "help me get better." She's so damn cute I can't take it. I ended up falling asleep for a couple hours. Jer and my Mom were nazis about making me get up and walk around and drink my water, etc. My sis came over later, she's having some scary medical problems, so we all commiserated. I couldn't get comfortable AT ALL, nothing felt good. I finally took some pain meds, sat down in a chair all wierd and got REALLY comfortable. I ended up sleeping for like 3 hours. Jer finally came to get me up, 'cause I needed to walk, he NEEDED to go home and it was time. My Uncle had come by and brought me a balloon and card, my bro and sis in law were there. So, I ate a little soup broth, chatted and then we came home. Anyway, I'm home, I hurt really bad, still haven't number 2'd. I got up late this morning, my Mom called to make sure I was eating, etc. I made some cream of wheat, ate it, it was good. However, I'm feeling light headed and yucky right now.

Time to drink all my water and start a protein shake, UGH!!!

Jer has been great! He just cleaned up the kitchen. Now I need him to do laundry and such, 'cause I really can't do anything but walk around.

Well, I must go! Hope this is enough of an update for anyone interested!!


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