November 11, 2005 | 7:24 p.m.
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So..I am BUSTIN with news and tid bits. Sit back and relax, let's see if I can make this interesting.

Last night, I'm sittin there, relaxin with the hubbo, watchin a little Tivo'd Law & Order (Wednesday nights episode, to be exact) when who should appear on the screen but a friend of mine. Well ok, Lauren and I were in the same major, the same classes, did shows together, went to the same parties. We were friends in the sense that we were always around eachother at school. Not friends in the sense that we hung out and giggled with gossip on the phone. But, friends none the less. If I saw her on the street today, we'd give eachother a hug and ask how eachother was doing. So anywho, didn't know she'd moved to New York, though this doesn't surprise me. For you Arizonans out there, her Mom is the Fry's lady. You know, the lady that did ALL the commercials for Fry's our whole growing up life. So, anywho, THERE SHE WAS in freaking living color, on one of my favorite TV shows. She was the Booby bar girl at Shooters, giving up a bad guy. It was totally surreal, and I was so totally proud of her! Yea Lauren!!!!
By the by, that was a really good episode of Law & Order. I've had a hard time with it ever since my beloved Jerry Orbach died, but this one was a keeper.

In other news, yesterday was a MILESTONE!!! I went by the parentals to drop off a check for my Dad. Whilst there, I thought it'd be a fun little moment to weigh myself on their scale. Not knowing if I'd be able to or not. Well peeps, not only was I able to, but it was on a number I wasn't expecting. I am 2 lbs. away from a ONE HUNDRED POUND loss. Oh, you read it right, homegirl has lost 98 lbs.!!! I can weigh on a normal scale!! I'm so freaking excited! Needless to say, I'm going shopping at Lane tomorrow for the super sassy jeans I didn't buy last week. I'm now back down to what I was at when I transfered to ASU, or pretty close.

Today found me in the salon getting my ever so thin hair died and cut. It turned out rather cute, if I do say so myself. Lanners has learned that she can blow my hair dry, but it's best to leave styling to me. Another hairdresser pointed out that people with fine hair just know how to style their hair better than anyone else. And frankly, it's true. When it's a freaking magic show to do your hair, only you can do it. People are woefully confused when they think I have any hair, 'cause I don't. Hairspray and ratting are SO my friends!! Anyway, after the hairdo, Jer and I went to the Zoo, ALL day with his bro., sis in law and their kids, who are all visiting from Chicago. It was a BEAUTIFUL day to be at the zoo. This is the first time Jer has EVER been, and the first time I've been in about 15 years. Truth be told, I think the zoo is a little boring. But, the exercise was great, the weather was PERFECT AND we totally got to watch babboon porn, so what more could I ask for? Seriously, it was the damn funniest thing I have EVER seen. There we were, admiring the baboons and their pretty purple/blue/pink butts when suddenly the big giant male one got all pissy. It looked like he was "yelling" at a smaller one. He flung himself at the wall, bared his teeth, and then began to chase the smaller one around. We were laughing, like it was a dad mad at its kid or something. So, they had this little chasey chase around the place about 6 times, and then suddenly, out of nowhere, big daddy grabs small one and full on goes to town. When it tried to get away after a few thrusts, big daddy literally grabbed little one and held it down and was....well you know, all I could hear was "WHOSE YO DADDY?" And all of this was done directly in front of the big window. I kid not, I was peeing I was laughing so hard. Because seriously, there were MANY small children around, what the heck were they s'posed to think of this? TOO FREAKING FUNNY. And that was worth the price of admission alone, but THEN, there was more. We sauntered on over to the Gazelle habitat (directly across from the boinking baboons) and what should we have but a male and female in a SERIOUS mating dance, flirtathon. The boy NEVER left the butt of the girl. They nuzzled, they licked, he sniffed, she sniffed, it was QUITE obvious what he wanted. But, he just couldn't seem to take advantage of the moment, or get up on his hind legs. But, when he FINALLY did give it a try, there would come the giant (and I do mean LOOOOOOONG) lipstick, and she'd deny him. Jer was filming a few moments of this on his phone and we were doing commentary. HI-LARRY-US if you ask me. Anywho, after a LONG time he finally got one good thrust in, and that was it. Apparently, she just wasn't really in the mood. She was a teaser. The bitch. HAHAHAHAHA
So, to recap...we went to the Phoenix Zoo today and TOTALLY watched animal porn. Nice!

I'm a bit tired from my long day of meandering about, but my hair looks aweseome, so I SHOULD find somewhere to go. I think I may just go to Target and call it good. OR, I might go to my parents and have my Mom measure me, and play my Dad in some Boggle. I totally kick ass at Boggle, don't you worry.

I'm sad because I don't have ANY pictures of me from shows on the computer, and I just wanna show some. Our scanner is on the fritzers here, and really, it's irritating. But, now that I have this whole Gold thing, I just feel like every entry should have a picture or something.

Oh, speaking of.....Ms. Laughinplace, where the hey who are you? I'm beginning to get worried. I certainly hope you are ok!!

Well, kids....I'm off like a herd of turtles!!


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