March 22, 2006 | 10:34 p.m.


There is justice in the world. America you aren't the pin heads I thought you were. Kevin I never belonged on this show Covais is GOOOOOOOONNNNNNEEEEE!! Imagine my utter surprise and DELIGHT when I watched the show just now and something went my way! I totally called that bottom three, it was a given. But, I fully expected suck head to be told he was safe, and for Bucky to go. Which frankly, I'd be fine with Bucky leaving as well, 'cause did you see him last night? YIKES!! He'll go next week, or Lisa will, so no worries. Anyway, there I was, all embittered at the stupidity of the voting public, knowing that craptastico would make it another week, when Ryan shocked the pants off me and told Kev he was outy! Halefreakinluia! I can now enjoy the show to its fullest, and not be filled with seething hatred for his poopiness! Ahhhh, see it's the little things.

Had a lovely evening hanging out at the parentals with my sis and her cute kids. Actually, Owen was asleep the whole time, but Livy was quite fun. Taters was bouncing off the walls with excitement to see Livy. She tells us Livy is her best cousin and best friend. They're hysterical together. So, my sis and the new baby came over, and we all had a honking good time. I can't wait for tomorrow, since I'll be done with school at 10:30, then I'm outta there. We're gonna play adn hang out all day. Yeah for [email protected]

So, I didn't go to the gym this morning, I know we're not shocked are we? But, I DID go this evening at 5:30, AFTER I made dinner for Jer. I tell ya what, I amaze myself sometimes too. So, what's up with me feeling all fat and frumpy? The mind is a wierd thing.

Speaking of the mind being a wierd thing. I watched Blow Out, and holy freaky peoples. Johnathon is seirously whacked. It amazes me that he hasn't watched his previous seasons and just been sooo embarrassed by his ridiculousness. And honestly, I think every hairstyle of his looks the same, and they all look like crap. I am NOT impressed with his abilities. I think he's done an AMAZING job of selling himself, and of making people believe that he's doing great things. But really, c'mon, look at the crap he churns out and calls gorgeous hair. Whatev...but, I am entertained watching his show. I know, I'm wierd.

I got a buttload of work done at school today, and that my friends always feels good. It takes forever to make copies of letters and speaking parts for all the stinking kids in the school. But, it's done, and I feel accomplished. Now tomorrow all i have to worry about is getting through my 4th and 5th graders practice, and then I'm free for the weekend. Oh how I love the weekend.

Can we discuss for a moment the fact that I have a growth the size of Mongolia on my chin. What the hell is up with sudden and random facial eruptions? I'm not in 7th grade anymore people! But no, I'm going along, minding my own business when BOOYA, big mound of ugliness comes into view. Well, of course I can't leave it alone, so therefore it turns into big, GIANT scabby mound of ugliness. I swear all day today I felt like it was 3-d off my face and talking for me. It's hideous and embarrassing, and dang it, it itches and I want to go poke at it. Sometimes, fate is cruel.

Jer just came home from a rehearsal, and it's late, so I'm off.


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