April 01, 2006 | 8:09 a.m.
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So, guess who went to bed around 2:00 a.m. and has been up since just after 7:00 a.m. And guess who is drinking a truly foul tasting peach nectar protein drink, cursing the day for already being under way? Give up? If you guessed Al, then you are oh so clever! Good hell, what is up with this early morning crap? Well, I'll tell ya how it went down. I was up so late watching the movie "Beauty Shop", 'cause who doesn't love them a little Queen Latifah now and then. It's a cute enough movie, if not a bit story less. But, I got a few good laughs, and didn't hate it. I mean really, Kevin Bacon was silly and fun, I always love the Queen, Alicia Silverstone was cute, and I didn't even hate Andi McDowell (as I usually do). So, movie ends, I brush the ol' teeth and head to bed. At a little after 7:00 a.m. I hear the pitter patter of little feet outside my window as Tatum goes running down the driveway yelling..."Daddy, today I go to T-ball." I didn't hear P's reply, but I heard her say "YES I DO." And then he replied something to which she starts bawling uncontrollably and runs back up the driveway and into her house. Well, this concerned me because, though my brother is A for adorable and a good guy, he can tend to be a smidge on the flaky side. So, all I could think was, he told her no, 'cause maybe he wanted to do something else, or just didn't want to take her. And she's been realllly excited about her T-ball class at the Y. So, I dragged my sorry ass out of bed and called Lanner. When L answered the phone, all I said was, "is he gonna take her to T-ball or not?" She said he was, but his response to her was just short and he said, "No, that's later." Her little 3 year old mind took that as a big fat no and she was traumatized. I said "good, 'cause I'd take her myself if I had too." Then L apologized for it waking me up, which I said, "poo poo on that, it's fine." Then, I hung up and attempted to go back to sleep. I lay there for about, ummm, A MINUTE when it pops into my head that I haven't paid the Citicard bill yet. So, I rush back to the office and check the date on the bill, phew, it's not due until the 3rd. I'm ok to pay it today. So, I then went BACK to bed, but by this time it's just NOT gonna happen for me. So, I got back up, took my 40 morning vitamins, medicines, etc. (ok 40 is a slight exageration, but ya gotta admit, it makes for more interesting reading. For the record, I take 2 flinstone vitamins with iron, 1 thyroid pill, 4 childrens fish oil pills and sometimes 1 b12 vitamin, then later in the day when I'm being a good girl I take my Calcium Citrate). After the pill extravaganza I made myself the aforementioned protein nastiness and then headed into the office. And now, I'm UBER tired and won't be going back to sleep anytime today. UGH!!!

So, yesterday was my sub for my Mom's 6th grade class day. It was a lovely morning at my old campus. I had many kids come running up begging me to be their music teacher again pleeeeaaase! I just DON'T get that!! Why do they all think they love me so much. I was NOT that good of a teacher, and I yelled at them all the time. I even told them that. I was like, you guys, your teacher now is sooo great, she teaches you soo much. And they're all like, "no she's mean, we don't like her." And I said, "don't you remember, I yelled at you alllll the time." And they said, "no, YOU were so nice." I'm tellin ya, it's crazy. But, I seriously had kids all over me, glued to my side, begging me to come back. I had a parent see me and ask if I was gonna teach music again. WHAT UP!? The truth is, I MIGHT go back to that campus next year, but not for music, as drama. They're making my current campus where ALL the jr. high kids go next year, and I do NOT like jr. high teaching. Jer LOVES jr. high, so he wants to go there. And, the guy teaching at my old campus, might not be back in the fall, 'cause he's trying to FINALLY graduate and has to do an internship. So, IF I do go back, it may be at my old campus. UGH, I don't know. So, back to what I was saying. Everyone was falling all over themselves telling me how great I looked and complimenting me, which is always fun. The kids in my Mom's class like me, so they were really good. Besides, Fridays are half days, AND they're test days, so they didn't have a ton of opportunity to be little shits. The 1/2 day flew by, and before I knew it, my subbing was over. After school, Jer picked me up and we went and hung out at my sisters until she got back from the doctor. When she was done, we went to lunch at Gecko Grill. It was a delightful little lunch, if I do say so myself. I had a YUMMY fish/shrimp enchilada with grilled vegetables, and I ate too many chips with green salsa. I LOOOOOOVES me some green salsa from Rosas (which this restaurant is basically the same stuff). I boxed up my leftovers and Jer and I headed home. I was SUUUUPER tired and full, so after kicking my clothes off, I layed down and took a seriously long and great nap. When I got up, I got myself spruced up and Jer and I headed out to see "Fiddler, I want to shoot myself for watching this show, On the Roof." I don't know what it is...growing up this was one of my FAVORITE musicals ever. I absolutely loved it, had only fond memories of seeing it. Then came my fateful turn of being IN it. I was Yente, and the director was a nightmare from hell, the whole experience was a nightmare and I've hated the show ever since. So, here it is 5 years later, and this show last night was just hell for me. First of all, I do not like theatre in the round all that much. Secondly, the Golde, while a good actress, sang EVERYTHING down the octave. She sang LOWER than Tevye, and it was creepy and annoying. Thirdly, the three oldest daughters SUCKED! The direction of the play, sucked. AND, it's a freaking LONG show. I wanted to go home so bad, but Jer refused, because he actually liked it. OY!!! Now, one of my adorable ex-students was in it, and I haven't seen him in awhile. So, it was good to see him and give him loves at the end. There were quite a few other people in it that I knew, some good, some bad. But the best part about going...at intermission I had walked back into the theatre after buying some redvines, I sat down and then looked up. Standing there was one of my oldest friends who I seriously see maybe once every year or every other year. She was sitting across the theatre and had seen me. She has SIX kids and is just the epitome of married, Mormon, refined, quiet Mom. We are sooo opposite it's quite funny. Then again, I'm pretty darn different than most of my growing up friends. So, we chatted for a bit, then it was time to start again. After the show, I got her number and we're gonna try to do lunch sometime. Six kids, that's just sooo wierd. Then she went and made the comment that, she could possibly be a grandma in SEVEN years (her oldest is 12). Not that she was wanting to be, but just that it COULD happen. I laughed and said, "I TOLD you guys, you'd all be freaking g'mas before I ever had a kid." I didn't really mean that, but it's sort of scarey to realize that that could be true. Oh damn, I'm old!

I guess I'll go put on my clothes and go to the gym. I mean, what else do I gots to do? I'm a little bitter about this sleep deprivation, but oh well. At least we don't have to go to church tomorrow, since it's conference time! I LOVE conference!!


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